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Party Girl No More? 5 Fun, Drama-Free Night Out Ideas With Your Best Friends

Your night outs don’t have to be wild!
December 14, 2022
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Ladies, you know how they always say “work hard, party harder?” Well, we beg to disagree. You don’t always ~need~ to party hard to chill out after work. Sometimes, a fun yet drama-free night with your BFFs works just as well—sometimes, even better!

Here we’ve got some not-too-crazy night-out ideas for you and your BFFs to try. These are the kinds of activities you wanna try when you still want to have fun and let loose, but minus the potential FOs, bad decisions, and morning-after regrets!

Level up your Christmas party with a game night

It’s finally the most wonderful time of the year, and what better way to level up the festivities than by turning your typical Christmas dinners into a thrilling game night? Beat the clock at an escape room all decked in holiday costumery or flock to a nearby bowling alley for some friendly competition—Team Nice versus Team Naughty!

Book a party-themed workout class

ICYDK, there are tons of party-themed cycling or boxing classes to get your party on while getting fit at the same time! You can even try these new, experimental workout classes popping up all over Manila. Ever tried working out in the dark with only party lights and club music to guide you? Try it! It’s a great experience for the whole barkada!

Have an ultra-pampering spa night

For the ultimate relaxation sesh, book yourself and your BFFs a mani-pedi and lash service at your fave spa. Come out feeling confident and beautified at the same time!

Go on a food trip

Good food can always get you in a good mood! So gather your friends and find a new resto to explore. Start with one resto for your appetizers and mains, then move to another resto for coffee, and cap off the night at another resto where you can get your dessert!

Have a “Chillnuman” sesh

Have a party minus the drama. If you want to be your chillest and realest self around your BFFs, invite them over for a chillnuman sesh! Share all your favorite snacks and have Chill Spiked Spirit to wash them down!

Chill Spiked Spirit is a ready-to-drink alcoholic beverage that, with just one can of Chill, gives you that refreshing hit to bring out everyone’s fun and relaxed self. Try their Red Apple, Lemon Lime, and Lychee flavors. It has 5% double-distilled alcohol, zero artificial sweeteners, zero trans fat, and is made with real fruit extracts!

Shop Chill Spiked Spirit at your nearest supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide. You may also shop online via Lazada, Shopee, and Boozy.



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