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Food, Fitness, and More Tips That *Actually* Help You Commit To A Healthy Lifestyle

At the Quaker Health Check Caravan Launch Festival, we learned that it’s never too late to build good habits!
March 28, 2023
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Okay, be real with yourself. How many New Year’s resolutions have you pledged to commit to and achieved every year? Be honest.

The truth is, it’s really difficult to commit to resolutions, whether it’s sticking to a monthly budget, getting more sleep, decluttering your bedroom, starting a new meal plan, or exercising more often. Everyone knows that it takes ~a lot~ of willpower to accomplish these goals, especially ones you know will help you live a happy and good life.

But the secret to *actually* committing to your resolutions? It’s realizing that there’s no stopping you from starting them whenever you want. So what if January has ended? You still got months to jumpstart your goals. Skipped a day or two? No worries — remember, a new day is always another opportunity to invest in a happier you!

This insight, along with many other tips, was shared by a panel of esteemed health and nutrition industry professionals at the Quaker Oats Health Check Caravan Launch Festival, held last February 5 at the Bonifacio High Street Amphitheatre in Taguig City.

Celebrities and influencers attend the recent Quaker Oats Health Check Caravan Launch Festival.

Hosted by actress Solenn Heussaff, with a special appearance by fellow actress Dimples Romana, and a kitchen takeover by celebrity chef Erwan Heussaff, the one-day event featured talks and discussions that gave participants the lowdown on how to achieve one's health goals through nutritious food, fitness, and health checks.

Here are the 5 tips we learned from the Quaker Oats Health Check Caravan Launch Festival on building good habits:

Tip 1: Eat fiber-rich food for a balanced diet

PepsiCo regional nutritionist Kit Phanvijhitsiri pointed out that one of Quaker Philippines’s goals is to make fiber intake more accessible to Filipinos, which is why you’ll probably find Quaker products at your nearest grocery stores. So, to include fiber in your balanced diet, you can start by simply adding Quaker Oats — which has 7x more fiber per 100 grams than long-grain white rice — to your everyday meals and snacks.

PepsiCo's Kit Phanvijhitsiri chats with event host Solenn Heussaff about the importance of making fiber-rich food accessible to Filipinos.

Mabelle Aban of the Philippine Society of Nutritionists and Dieticians, Inc. followed this up with a reminder on how regular and optimal consumption of fiber is necessary for maintaining a good shape and blood sugar levels. She emphasized that, together with a balanced diet and an active lifestyle, fiber can help reduce or lower the risk of heart disease.

Tip 2: Proper nutrition first, workouts come second

You can exercise your butt off every day but, trust us, nothing will happen if you don’t eat right. Fitness coach Arnold Aninion (who happens to be the Heussaff siblings’ trainer!) explained that everyone has different body goals and targets when it comes to fitness. Still, ideally, proper nutrition should come first.

Celeb chef Erwan Heussaff, with fitness coach Arnold Aninion, demonstrates how to use oats in everyday meals.

A huge fan of Quaker Oats Rolled Oats, Aninion also shared how he incorporates the whole-grain ingredient into his everyday meals. Apparently, it helps to keep him satiated and feeling full enough to power through the day. Together with a balanced diet and an active lifestyle, Quaker Oats can help in maintaining good digestion.

Tip 3: Get regular checkups with your doctor

“Food is medicine,” said Jake Andal of the Sports Nutrition Association of the Philippines, Inc. Filipinos consume less than 50% of the daily fiber requirement, with the average person eating only 8 grams of the daily recommended 20-25 grams of fiber consumption. He also disclosed an alarming fact: 1 out of 2 Filipinos have high cholesterol, which can lead to various diseases — the most common being myocardial infarction or heart attack.

Event attendees get a health check at the event.

To help prevent diseases, treat your diet like your everyday medication and vitamins against illness, but pair it with regular checkups with your doctor to ensure that you are in tip-top shape.

Tip 4: Get up and move

We know it’s tempting to put your feet up and binge-watch your favorite shows after a long day at the office. But if you’ve been sitting and staring at a screen for hours on end every day, it’s always a good idea to get up and *really* move your body to stretch those muscles, get the blood flowing, and get your digestion up and running.

Andal also mentioned a World Health Organization study that found that 9 out of 10 Filipinos do not meet the required amount of physical activity per day. So, what you can do is squeeze in frequent mini-workouts throughout the day. This way, you’ll feel less tired at night.

Tip 5: Include the family in your fitness journey

During one of that talks, Kapamilya star Dimples Romana opened up about how important it is to include the rest of the family in your fitness journey. This sets a good example for your children and helps create a sustainable and inclusive lifestyle that benefits the entire household.

Actress Dimples Romana's advice? Include your family in your health and fitness journey!

Not only is the entire family on its way to being fit, but it’s also a wonderful approach to bonding and creating memories with them. Plus, it won’t be so difficult to go through the journey since you won’t be alone in your battles.

Aside from listening and participating in the discussions, the attendees were also given “passports” that guided them through various nutrition- and food-related booths stationed throughout the venue. They even engaged in fun and educational activities such as the Nutri Check and the Healthy Quaker Habits Wall to receive exclusive prizes.

Participants also got to check out the Oat Bar, which featured a yummy selection of oats-based finger foods such as sisig cups garnished with fried oatmeal, and vegetable gui con with roasted oats mixed into its sauce, to name a few.

Participants get to enjoy these oats-based finger foods at the recent Quaker Oats Health Check Caravan Launch Festival.

Adding to the fiber-rich food trip were treats by Bo’s Coffee, Max’s, The Moment Group, Mamanola, Gelato Manila, and TwentyFour Bakeshop. And to help people ease into their fitness goals for the year, booths featuring partner brands like Gatorade, Groove Activewear, and Ride Revolution were also available.

The journey to a healthy lifestyle may be tough, but it is worth it! Commit to your goals by following these tips and with the help of Quaker.

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