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Things You Go Through If You Like Instagramming Your Food

Some people just don't understand.
by Ysa Singson
February 18, 2017
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1. Walking in and realizing that the restaurant has shitty lighting.

Is there anything worse than having every dish look like they're all the same color?

2. Opting to sit outside because lighting is everything.

Even though it's so. freaking. hot. Anything for the 'gram, right?

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3. Having to ward off the hands of your starving companions.

Unless you're with Instagram foodies who know how to strategically place their hands for a chic food flatlay, sagabal lang sila. LOL!

4. Enduring the judgmental stares and death glares.

Not everyone gets that you need the *perfect* shot before they can dig in. Who wants to see a photo of a half-eaten burger?

5. Ordering the prettier dish over the one that makes more financial sense.

What if you're craving fried chicken or pasta, but the brunch platter fits your aesthetic more? (Tip: Make your BFF order what you really want and split both dishes!)

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