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These Glasses From McDo Are So Pretty, You’ll Want to Collect Them All

And they come in six colors, too!
October 11, 2019
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Life is too short to not spend on things that make us happy, especially if they’re cute collectibles that come in pretty colors. Enter: McDonald’s new collection of Coke glasses, a six-piece limited edition set of vibrant glasses that is just the right kind of cute for your work desk or kitchen counter.

Which one matches your mood: Gray, Blue, Green, Peach, Purple, or Pink?

Each glass is a total mood. You’ll be reaching for the blue one when you’re feeling chill and laid back, or the orange glass for when you’re feeling extra perky and sunny.

If you’re the classy type, we suggest going for ash gray, but if you’re the fun and flirty kind, you’re a match for the glass in rose pink.

There are also variants in deep green and misty purple. You can choose your favorite shade from the six or collect all just because they’re so pretty and they’re actually not expensive.

These limited edition glasses will be available starting October 11 nationwide and can be purchased in any McDonald’s branch, whether through dine in, take out, or Drive Thru. Just add P45 to any meal that comes with a Coca-Cola product and you’re getting that glass.

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