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This Chatbot Gave Me *Easy* Recipes To Try Now That I'm Learning How To Cook

It's great for kitchen newbies!
July 01, 2021
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I've been wanting to learn how to cook for a long time now. I'd always ask my mom and lola to teach me, but we just never got around to it—mostly because of my busy schedule. I'd always lack the time, but now that I'm working from home, I can actually spend a bit of time in the kitchen to prepare meals for me and my family.

So now I’m resolute on learning how to cook ~real~ food. LOL. When I heard that there’s this cooking chatbot right on Facebook messenger, my curiosity took the best of me—and I gave it a try right away.

It is, or should I say she is, called Tita MAGGI.

Created by MAGGI, Tita MAGGI can give customized recipes based on what ingredients you have at home as well as which occasion you’re cooking for. And it’s true, after all! Here’s what happened during my conversation with Tita MAGGI:

Asking what I can cook out of the ingredients at home

It gets tricky when there’s something you want to cook only to find out that the ingredients you have at home are not enough. And since I’m not a pro, I couldn’t improvise recipes yet.

Considering this, the first thing I asked Tita MAGGI was what I can make from what I currently have by selecting the Cook My Ingredients option.

I told her I got pork, potatoes, and carrots. She recommended numerous dishes in an instant, which included pan-fried options like the Magic All-in-One Torta and All-in-One Tortang Giniling, as well as saucy dishes like Meatball Caldereta and Pork Afritada.

I also found that I could ask her for recipe recommendations depending on what I wanted to cook via Search for a Recipe, so I asked her about fried rice recipes because I felt these would go well with the torta options that she suggested earlier.

Fittingly, Tita MAGGI gave me Sardines Fried Rice and Salted Egg Fried Rice!

Getting food recommendations based on the ‘special day’

There’s also this Cook for an Occasion option in the chat with Tita MAGGI. When I tried it, she asked me about what I am cooking for—is it for a birthday, Christmas, or the weekend?

Since there are no upcoming birthdays in our household and Christmas is still a few months away, I picked the weekend instead. Might as well put my weekend to good use by trying out a new recipe and, at the same time, by attempting to whip up good food for the fam!

Tita MAGGI also asked how much time I have to cook that day—which I really liked. The shortest time option was 30 minutes while the longest was two and a half hours. I chose the one-hour option, though, because as much as I wanted to cook, I don’t think I can pull off time in the kitchen that’s longer than that. (At least, not yet.)

Even better: I was also asked which main ingredient I am planning to cook! I opted for seafood, among the choices that included rice, pork, vegetables, beef, chicken, egg, and pasta.

Tita MAGGI’s recos: Crab and Corn Soup, Shrimp Tom Yum-Style, Creamy Seafood Soup, and Sizzling Chili Squid. In the end, I saved the Sizzling Chili Squid, as that falls under my family’s taste the most.

Saving various recipes for my next cooking sesh

Aside from the Sizzling Chili Squid that I am planning to cook over the weekend, I saved more recipes for future reference. Tita MAGGI has a range of featured recipes, which I was presented with upon clicking the View Recipes option. I do think this is pretty convenient, especially when I want to cook something, but don’t really know what that *something* is. LOL.

You can check your saved recipes either by visiting your profile or by clicking the My Saved Recipes button.

It’s an understatement to say that Tita MAGGI has a lot of recipes to offer. But more than this, what I appreciated the most was how I can get a recipe that’s cut out for what I need and want at the moment!

I just had to answer a few questions and tell her some info and, voilà, I have recipes that I don’t necessarily have to adjust anymore just to suit my situation!

Another bonus is the Sarap-Sustansya Tip provided along with each recipe. Though I’m not someone who’s ~strict~ on my nutrient intake, I welcome healthy meals any chance that I can.

As someone who’s just starting to cook, I really need all the help in the world. Crossed fingers this is the beginning of not perpetually eating processed food at home!

Give it a try yourself, too! Simply search Tita MAGGI on Facebook messenger and start a conversation with her.

Visit MAGGI's website for more recipes.

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