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This Is How Influencers Dine At ~Fancy~ Restos Without Going Over Budget

Do as the influencers do and dine like a ~kween~.
November 29, 2018
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Influencers know a thing or two about heading out and enjoying what the city has to offer. The proof? Their enviable Instagram feeds. Aside from looking picture-perfect and knowing how to pose, they know just where to go. True, all that eating out will cost a lot, but that can be a non-issue with Zomato Gold, an exclusive membership program that provides 1+1 on food and 2+2 on drinks at 450—and counting!—selected establishments.

Here are some influencers enjoying their Zomato Gold memberships:

Maggie Wilson

Aryanna Epperson

Ria Prieto

Xandra Rocha

Jenni Epperson

ICYDK, Zomato Gold is opening its membership slots this December, which means you have a chance to also gain access to a more privileged dining experience and find your new favorite jaunts around Metro Manila.

Establishments partnered with Zomato Gold include Wildflour Cafe + Bakery, Locavore, RUB, Tipsy Pig, and Moonshine. To find out the next days when membership slots are open for Zomato Gold, follow Zomato Gold on Instagram at @zomatoph and Facebook.

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