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Here's Why Gen Z Loves This Phone Under P20k For Creating Content

This phone is both chic and powerful.
September 13, 2019
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If there’s one thing we know about Generation Z, it’s that they are digital natives who are always on the go. They thrive in the dynamic and complex lifestyle that comes with the digital age.

Gen Z consumers are more willing to push the envelope when it comes to technology, fashion, and travel. They are inspired by even the smallest things that most people overlook. What most people don’t know about this generation is that they know the value of practicality. Gen Z don’t post for the sake of posting; they capture moments and share stories that they are passionate about. Sometimes, we just need to meet new people, see new places, or have a reliable tool to help us discover our capabilities and view the world (quite literally) through a different lens.

Their weapon of choice? A smartphone.

And if we’re talking about one that mirrors their lifestyle to a T, it would have to be the all-in-one tech-savvy smartphone made for young pioneers, the new Huawei Nova 5T phone. Here’s why.

1. Gen Z loves experimenting with their style, and this phone can complement that.

Your favorite fashion trends like ~extra~ hair accessories and '90s dressing started with Gen Z. They're not afraid to experiment with their style—taking every little detail into account. That's why the Nova 5T is such an innovative phone for Gen Z-ers: It takes into account one's personal style. It comes in black, crush blue, and midsummer purple—three dazzling colors for different personalities that all accentuate the contrast of light and shadow for a surreal 3D effect. The reflective designs create an illusion of boundless space, similar to the Gen Z’ style that knows no rules.

2. Gen Z-ers are a creative bunch, and they're especially passionate about social media and creating content. This phone helps them do just that.

This generation's currency is its social media. Curated feeds and high-quality vlogs and videos are just some of the things Gen Z is known for. Because of this, this generation is particularly tech-savvy and are discerning about the specs of their devices. Their creativity needs to be translated by the best possible medium, and the Nova 5T is a smart choice for those who want to experiment with their art, photography, and videography.

The phone is built with not just one or two, but five AI cameras! Wow. If it’s stunning, high-definition, and even bokeh photos, as well as next-level videos with rich, clear images from jaw-dropping landscapes to breathtaking close-ups that you want, then that’s exactly what you will get. Bonus: It has a night selfie shooter that captures your natural beauty without having to go through the hassle of editing! Get a taste of what it feels to be a true photographer with professional quality images and videos at the palm of your hands, because this phone is all about allowing you to explore your creativity.

3. This generation is passionate about entertainment and learning new things.

Gen Z-ers are innovators, and most of that innovation is done online. They love to learn new skills by streaming videos and reading content—sometimes even becoming inspired to create their own content. They also love watching their favorite shows and movies on-the-go. Because Gen Z are always consuming content virtually, they need a device that will allow them to not only conveniently access the web, but also make it so much better to take in.

The Nova 5T is equipped with a bigger screen-to-body ratio, even hiding the front camera beneath the screen. It can also unlock your phone effortlessly through a fingerprint sensor built on the side for a convenient one-handed operation.

4. Gen Z isn't afraid to try new things—from food to new fitness trends to gaming. The phone makes it easier for them to explore.

This generation wants to be updated with the latest new and trends about things they're passionate about. They're constantly on social media to see what everyone else is trying out, and it gives them a sense of community to see how many things they have in common with other people. Activities like gaming allow this generation to be entertained and meet new people, food blogs and food delivery apps let them expand their palate, and online workouts allow them to get fit and try exercises before committing to a gym or class.

It's clear that they need a device capable of handling their constant need to explore. The Nova 5T is equipped with a powerful processor that can handle the constant addition of apps that Gen Z needs to suit their lifestyles. The best part, this loaded mean machine has super charging capabilities, powering your mobile with 50 percent battery life in just 30 minutes! How amazing is that?

5. Despite all their different passions, Gen Z is a smart, scrappy bunch. The Nova 5T is the perfect choice for them because it's also super affordable.

Gen Z-ers are a pretty young bunch, consisting of high school and college kids. They rely mostly on their allowance when they want to buy new things. Because of this, Gen Z has adapted to become thrifty as the world continues to innovate. They make smart, informed choices, which is why they're likely to not spend tons on something that you can easily find a better, more affordable alternative to.

This is why the Nova 5T is great for Gen Z-ers! On top of all its amazing features, it also comes at a super friendly price point! For less than P20,000, the phone of everyone’s dreams, the hottest item on the market rn could be yours.

Don’t let your phone hold you back. Take cues from Gen Z and equip yourself with the powers of the Nova 5T to make your daily life more colorful, and your travels 10 times more Instagrammable.

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