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Here's How This Fitness Enthusiast Became The First Pinay Nike Master Trainer

Betina Gozo is bringing the community together to stay active indoors.
May 13, 2020
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It’s easy to think of Betina Gozo as just another popular fitness coach. As a highly sought-after celeb trainer and as the first Pinay Nike Master Trainer, Betina is undeniably at the top of her game.

But her success certainly didn’t happen overnight. Failures and sacrifices were natural parts of her journey. And like all of us, she too has been recently working hard to stay motivated and fit despite mostly staying indoors.

On Growing Up

Born in a Filipino household, Betina shares that she loves preparing and serving a variety of Pinoy dishes, such as chicken adobo (she cooks this at least once a week!) and halo-halo. Despite having relocated with her family to the US at the age of two, she retained local values that made her realize the importance of generosity and resilience early on.

“Though I had a lot of love and support from my family (my mom is one of seven children), school was tough because we were ‘different.’ My mom was single and didn’t have a lot of money,” she narrates.

“But my mom taught me to be hardworking, kind, and extremely giving. She’s always in a happy mood, even if she experienced a lot of hardships in her life,” she adds. With her mom as one of her main inspirations in life, Betina developed the mentality of not letting anything stop her.

On Her Fitness Journey

Betina’s passion for fitness wasn’t exactly a love-at-first-sight. She shares that she was playing full-time in a band as a bass guitarist when her roommate asked her if she wanted to join her in her workout class.

“I had never worked out before, except for dancing in middle and high school. I thought ‘oh how hard should this be?’ Forty-five minutes later, I was dripping in sweat and thought I was going to die. I remember feeling so tired and exhausted, but I also loved the feeling of being challenged, instead of feeling defeated by it. I had this drive to conquer it,” she says.

She went back to that workout class again and eventually attended more classes than her roommate. “I became enamored by the feeling of seeing myself getting stronger, and eventually I noticed the influence I had on other people. Even my band members started doing push-ups, planks, and squats with me before our shows!” she exclaims.

That’s when Betina decided to get a Personal Training Certification, and her passion and love for fitness just grew stronger. She started teaching at various gyms and training clients until one of the gyms she worked at promoted her to the position of Fitness Director. She decided to quit her band and focused on developing herself (with her new role), the gym, and other trainers.

On Becoming A Nike Master Trainer

When asked how she felt becoming the first Filipino Nike Master Trainer, Betina proudly says, “It’s such an honor and a privilege, and I never want to take it for granted! The best thing about being a Master Trainer is realizing how much influence I have on other people who may never want to work out or may not realize the potential they have! I also have been very grateful to be given a platform through Nike to be able to share things I’m passionate about, like strength training for women (and everyone!).

On Her Fitness Philosophy

For Betina, fitness is multi-dimensional. Looking beyond the physical state of your body, it’s also about enhancing your mental wellbeing. She explains, “Meet yourself where you are. We are so overstimulated and it’s easy to distract ourselves and just check things off a list. When you are more aware, you can push yourself more, or you can scale your workout back for the day.”

As an advocate of meditation, Betina also adds, “Meditation helps you become more aware of yourself simply because you are slowing down. Guided meditation is a great way to start. Your brain is a muscle that you have to train just like the rest of your body, so be patient with yourself on it. Journaling is a good form of meditation, too.”

On Staying Motivated

It’s easy to lose motivation once workouts have been moved inside, especially for those trying to squeeze in a workout during a busy day while managing many responsibilities. Betina relates, “I have to schedule the workouts into my calendar, or else it’s likely it won’t happen. Put it in your calendar, make sure you know what workout you’re going to do, and also make sure your workout clothes are ready to go!”

Aside from HIIT and strength training, Betina’s go-to workouts are boxing and dancing. With the current realities of social distancing and staying indoors, digital solutions like the Nike Training Club app and Nike social channels provide access to motivation, inspiration, and a wide variety of workouts for any fitness level.

On Hosting Her First Workout Session Especially For Pinoys

Betina will be hosting an IG Live workout on May 15 with fellow Pinay and Taekwondo Champion Pauline Lopez.

“I am so proud to be Filipina, and to be able to work out with a Filipina who is a champion in her sport is such a privilege! It’s important to be able to show other women and other Filipinas that anything is possible, and if we continue to share our stories, struggles, and wins, we hope to be able to inspire others to stay motivated and shoot for the moon!” she gushes.

For Betina, reminding ourselves of a time when we overcame challenges can be a strong source of motivation.

“I hope that everyone continues to use social media and technology as a connector and for motivation. We have so many resources that keep us moving, like the Nike You Can’t Stop Us Hub with tips, along with the NTC App & Live Community Workout. And the shout-outs we give each other online make us feel like we’re all connected (in the same living room!) and together, moving forward.”

Catch Betina's Nike IG Live Community Workout Session with Philippine Taekwondo Champion Pauline Lopez, this Friday, May 15, 10:34 a.m. via their Instagram @betinagozo and @pauweenie.

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