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Here's What Your Shopping Habits *Actually* Say About You, According To A Psychologist

Love to shop online? There's a reason for that!
September 03, 2020
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Tell us, Cosmo Girls: How many times have you turned to online shopping as you stay at home? When we can’t dine in our fave restaurants or go to the mall for some retail therapy, it’s online shopping that's been keeping us busy.

But while we can all identify with this scenario, not all shoppers are the same. To prove this point, and to learn what our shopping habits actually reveal about our personalities, we went the extra mile by consulting with licensed psychometrician and psychologist Lordy Angelo Santos.

The first thing he told us? It turns out there are actually six types of shoppers! Find out which one you are:

The Premium Shopper

You only follow well-known stores and are very picky with your brands. If it’s not on LazMall, you’re not likely to add to cart. You know what you want and you go after it because you’re a Premium Shopper at heart.

If you identify with this type, our expert says you’re likely to be extroverted and always focused on making a good impression. You also tend to assert yourself and display a high sense of competence. That said, you value your purchases more for how they make you feel rather than how they serve a functional purpose.

One of the pros of this behavior is that you don’t spend too much time deciding on your purchases. For you, the brand speaks volumes about its quality. Just remember that while some brands do offer great items, you might miss out on other gems if you only have eyes for your fave stores.

The Researcher

You’ve never bought anything without doing your research first. In fact, it will take more than one five-star review to convince you that something is worth spending on.

Well, Researcher, studies show that this decision-making style of yours reveals a mature and often rational behavior. Shoppers in this category are said to have a low level of extraversion and are not easily swayed by what’s popular. Researchers are also said to have more control over their emotions as you prefer to spend time evaluating in order to get the best possible experience.

What we love about this type of shopper is that your chances of getting the best buy are higher, as you tend to carefully weigh your options before committing to a purchase. Just watch out for info-overload—reading all those reviews might stress you out and cause you to settle instead.

The Loyal Customer

You’ve likely found your fave brands in your late teens or early twenties and are sticking to it. You have stores and products you swear by based on positive experiences you’ve had with them in the past and are not looking anywhere else at this point.

According to our psych expert, Loyal Customers shop this way to make the shopping experience more convenient. After all, it’s easy to add to cart when you don’t have to make brand comparisons. This shows that your openness to new experiences is lower than others, but that’s because you evaluate your purchases based on what you’ve personally proven to be both satisfying and functional.

The best thing about Loyal Customers is that they're very knowledgeable about their preferred brands. But be careful! Don't miss out on better options. Be a little more open to try other brands.

The Bargain Hunter

You love getting notifications for Lazada sales and are always on the lookout for promos and brand offers. Most of the time, you don’t understand why other people would pay full price for something you can get with a discount. You’re a smart shopper and you know it, Bargain Hunter.

Obviously, shoppers in this category prefer products that give them more value than its worth. They can also be less extroverted and can sometimes be avoidant of decision-making, preferring to wait for better situations or offers.

While people who love sales are more likely to score a good bargain, they're also more prone to deceptive promos and offers. They may also spend excessively in order to take advantage of special perks.

The Impulse Buyer

Ever saw a product or two that you just have to buy right on the spot? Impulse buying happens to everyone at some point, but you know you’re a classic Impulse Buyer when your room is full of things you never actually planned for or even needed.

This is because Impulse Buyers view shopping as a recreational activity. What actually delights people in this category is the act of shopping rather than the item itself. Santos adds that this is also an attempt to keep up with the trends without spending too much time evaluating the actual product.

The downside? They're prone to disappointments when the purchased item fails to meet their expectations. They may also fail to recognize that other brands and products can offer better quality at a more affordable price.

The Online Shopper

Your mantra is "If it can be bought, it can be bought online." Your cart is full of things most people would actually go out to shop for and the most used app on your phone could quite possibly be Lazada.

If you identify with the Online Shopper, chances are you seek variety when it comes to purchases. You also view the internet as a positive source of information and you’d rather pay for the shipping fee than be bothered by the hassle of actually going to a physical store. You're also reputably more in control of your emotions and are highly organized.

Here's the thing: While you do get to enjoy ease and convenience by getting your essentials via your fave online stores, you might want to watch out for personal info leaks that can threaten your personal data security.


Do you agree with our findings? Whichever category you belong, one thing we can all agree on is that there’s always something for you in Lazada. Be it beauty essentials, household products, or recreational items, Lazada offers access to a variety of brands and stores for your online shopping needs.

Premium Shoppers can experience a deluxe shopping experience from LazMall with legit and authentic items. Loyal Customers can easily look for and purchase from their fave stores, while Impulse Buyers and Bargain Hunters have flash sales and special offers to watch out for. As for the Researchers and the Online Shoppers, you can easily read up the reviews on your potential buys or ask the seller your Qs before adding to cart!

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