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How To Look Good In Your Holiday Photos

For all the selfies you'll be taking this holiday season.
December 19, 2017
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The Christmas season is all about family, friends, and photos of you inevitably showing up on your and other people's social media feeds. If you want to lessen the chances of unflattering photos surfacing on the Internet, check out these tips on how to look good in your photos:

1. Wear a solid color

You won't know exactly where your photo will be taken; it can be at the dinner table in a restaurant full of people, the photo booth with a sparkly red background, or even a garden full of colorful flowers. Wear an outfit with a solid color so you're guaranteed not to clash—or worse, blend in—with the background.

2. Define your facial features

Your makeup may look flawless in person, but a foundation-only base will make you look flat and washed-out in photos. Highlight, contour, and blush to bring out your best features.

3. Pay attention to the lighting

Natural sunlight will always be your best bet for photos, but if you're at an evening event, look for a warm light. It will make your skin look flawless! Also, avoid standing directly under or in front of a light source.

4. Know your angles

Looking straight into the camera can be unflattering for most people. Try tilting your head a bit to the side to show off your jawline and cheekbones, and elongate your neck to avoid a double chin.

5. Take photos before you eat and drink

Whatever holiday party or event you attend, you'll most likely look your best from the time you arrive to right before you eat and drink. You'll be at your slimmest, most sober, and cleanest—no lechon sauce or spilled fruit punch in sight!

6. Flash that bright smile

Though you won't always have control over the lighting, background, and other factors when it comes to the picture taking, a foolproof way to ace those photos is to flash that beautiful smile—one that's natural and ultra bright!

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