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How To Say Goodbye To That Sweaty, Stuffy Period Feeling, According To Pinays

Make the switch to a breathable pad!
February 22, 2021
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It’s that time of the month again! You know how periods go: having to deal with PMS, cramps, headaches, and let’s not forget about that icky, sweaty, stuffy feeling that goes with wearing a napkin. Periods can feel so stressful on their own, but it’s even worse when you have to endure these discomforts while juggling daily tasks. It's enough to make us wish we can drop everything and get a breather! The struggle is real, amirite?

But here’s the thing: We heard on Twitter that some Pinays have been raving about a new product that helps them feel presko during their monthly flow. And since sharing is caring, they’re letting us in on their secret—the new Whisper Cottony Breathable. Here’s why they say this pad is heaven-sent:

1. It lets you ~breathe~ down there.

We’ve all tried to brave a hectic workday while dealing with pains and overflowing emotions, courtesy of our period. And while symptoms vary for most women, words aren’t enough to describe how uncomfortable this scenario can get.

But hinga ka lang, girl! The new Whisper Cottony Breathable pads help make periods bearable, thanks to its thousands of airflow vents that allow air to pass through for a light and breezy feel. Say goodbye to the stuffy and icky feeling down there!

2. It has soft wings that help reduce the chance of skin irritation.

Arguably worse than that hot and sticky feeling is the risk of itch and irritation that comes with wearing pads. Any girl who’s had to endure rashes because of the scratchy wings of her sanitary napkin would know this all too well.

This is why you’ll be happy to know that Whisper Cottony Breathable has super soft wings designed to help reduce the risk of skin irritation on your thighs. This means that you can go on with your day without worrying as much about your movements. Even better: This will help make light workouts feel comfortable even when you’re on your period.

3. It helps guard against leaks with anti-tagos channels.

Let’s face it: It's almost impossible to feel chill during your period, especially when you constantly have to worry about leaks. But a light and absorbent pad can definitely make a difference if it has deep anti-tagos channels like the new Whisper Breathable. No more rushing to the bathroom every fifteen minutes to check if everything's where it should be! With this extra dose of comfort, you can definitely keep confident and focus on your everyday tasks.

Try the Whisper Cottony Breathable and share your results with us! Shop it via Lazada and follow Whisper on Facebook and Instagram for more deets.


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