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I Tried These Easy Self-Care Activities To Help Overcome Burnout

“Loving myself has never felt this good, TBH.”
March 11, 2021
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The thing about work is, you’ll never run out of deadlines. While my job is something I’m still grateful to have, it can also get overwhelming, even more so during quarantine. Work-from-home culture has disrupted my sense of time and also blurred the boundaries between my career and personal life. Apart from feeling anxious about the reality outside, I also feel exhausted being stuck doing the same tasks and being limited to the confines of home.

That said, quarantine fatigue is real. I started to get easily stressed and irritated when things didn’t go my way. I feel gutted at the thought of not being productive enough and giving my best to the tasks at hand. Burnout has taken a different turn and I knew I needed to do something about it. In order to bounce back, I needed some time to breathe and revel in the things that would allow me to feel like myself again. I’ve read a lot of articles on self-care and learned that it can be different for everyone. So, I decided to choose self-care activities that align with my interests. I made sure I can commit to them so I can fully enjoy some much-needed me time. Here’s what happened:

I went on a social media detox over the weekend.

My day basically revolves around social media. Apart from using it for work, it helps me stay connected with my family, friends, and the world—especially during the pandemic. But this platform is a double-edged sword. The more I scroll through my feed, the less I feel good about myself and my life.

Many of us, if not all, have experienced this at one point. Studies show that prolonged use of social networking sites is associated with low self-esteem and depression. It happens when we tend to compare ourselves with the people we see on our feed. And let’s not forget doom-scrolling, aka the habit of consuming too much bad news that obviously can take a toll on one’s mental health.

I wanted a break from these things so I went on a socmed detox to focus on my well-being. It wasn’t easy at first but once you find a more meaningful thing to do, you’ll forget to check your feed altogether. Instead of picking up my phone in between chores, I picked up a book. My heart is full because I was *finally* able to catch up on my reading (after a few months, YAY!). Even better: this detox has helped me get a good night’s sleep!

Going offline also prevented me from checking work emails over the weekend. It was liberating not to think about my responsibilities for a while and just enjoy some peace and quiet.

I did a yoga workout.

Truth be told: Working from home is convenient until your neck and back start to ache. We’re lucky to get a flexible schedule, have a cozy space, and enjoy zero commuting. But, there's a price to pay for prolonged sitting and slouching forward!

I've been experiencing back pain for months now so I decided to take action and tried yoga. It felt intimidating at first because yoga isn’t really my expertise, and TBH, who has the time for it? When I found out that there are 10-minute yoga videos for beginners online, my perception changed and I went on with it.

Now I do it every morning and I've never felt more motivated to start my day. The best part, of course, is it has helped relieve my back pain.

I tried learning a language.

I’ve always been interested in learning a new skill since the lockdown started. But with my never-ending list of excuses, I always end up getting stuck in my usual routine: go online, work, order food, work again, and binge-watch until I fall asleep.

During my social media cleanse, I was able to squeeze in an activity I’ve always wanted to try—learning Spanish. I promised myself I’d learn this language a few years back when I traveled to Madrid—and even last year when I started streaming La Casa De Papel (or Money Heist, ICYDK!) This has been long overdue and I’m happy to tick it off my bucket list.

I downloaded a language learning app to get me started. I loved how my learning sesh wasn’t intimidating because the app offered quick, bite-sized lessons perfect for my short attention span. LOL! You could set your practice time depending on your schedule. I chose the 15-minute route and I’m looking forward to making it a daily habit.

According to experts, learning is good for keeping our brains healthy. It’s an exercise that’s equally important as our physical workout. I also find my language learning activity empowering because it lets me believe I can do things outside of work.

I spent more time doing my skincare routine.

Skincare is one of the self-care activities I regularly do as it makes me look and ~feel~ my best, even if I’m not wearing makeup. On most days, I use a few products so I can finish my skincare routine real quick and get back to work.

But last weekend, I tried taking things up a notch by adding more steps to my skincare routine. I've been eyeing a particular serum for the past few weeks and I finally got a *valid* reason to buy it. LOL!

After I used my tea tree cleanser and toner and aloe vera face mask, I applied a few drops of the serum across my face. Then I put on some eye cream and moisturizer before getting a well-deserved beauty rest. I have to say, my skin looked great when I woke up in the morning!

I took myself on a date at home.

Going out and ~*glamming up*~ are what I miss most about pre-lockdown days. And so I decided to make my weekend extra special by dressing up and doing my hair and makeup just because.

I prepared a nice dinner set—wine included—and even created a DIY grazing board with grapes, almonds, and chocolates. I enjoyed my meal at home as I watched one of my fave rom-com movies. Overall, it was fun and fulfilling. I would definitely do this again perhaps every month!

These self-care activities taught me that life isn’t all about making money, but making every moment count without feeling guilty about what makes me truly happy. Loving myself has never felt this good, TBH. I also realized that I can only give as much love to others as I give to myself.

If your work—or life itself—is starting to get the best of you, too, then go ahead and try doing things that would make you feel alive and refreshed. Note that self-love isn’t selfish—never was and never will be—so don’t ever feel guilty in giving yourself some TLC.

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