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#LifePeg: Model And Manager Natasha Bautista Knows All The Right Ways To Grab Life’s Opportunities

With the help of Whisper, she’s helping other women live fun fearless lives.
June 30, 2015
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Model Natasha Bautista is only 23 years old, but she's already the Country Manager for popular transportation app GrabTaxi—a position that wasn't easy to land in a male-dominated field. "I felt like I had to do double the amount of work and persuasion compared to my male coworkers."

Natasha didn't let this stop her. Instead she used her confidence and hard work to defy expectations, utilizing her experiences as a woman and as a model to improve GrabTaxi's services.

"GrabTaxi is all about providing safety to passengers," she says. "I could really relate to this because during my modeling days, I hated commuting, especially since castings and shoots would end so late. I voiced out my opinions on the matter. Because I understand a woman's issues, I'm able to bring GrabTaxi up to the level that it's in now." By making herself heard, she was able to push through those boundaries.

And Natasha's day doesn't end at the office, either. This girl is passionate about staying fit, pushing her body with regular trips to the gym. She still loves working in front of the camera, too, and makes sure she has time for modeling gigs. To top it all off, she maintains thriving relationships with her loved ones despite her busy schedule.

With all these things on her plate, Natasha doesn’t have time to worry about her period (who does, anyway?). “Whisper helps me stay comfortable,” she shares. “With its 12-hour back leak protection, I’m able to move through the day without having to worry about unnecessary accidents happening."

Natasha says that Whisper has been her companion since her days as a high school student. "The very first time that I got my period I was very prepared," she recalls. "I had a full kit with at least 30 different brands and types of napkins. I tried them all, but it was only with Whisper that I felt confident."

Back then, Natasha wasn't the prim-and-proper type. "I didn't mind getting hurt when I joined activities and sports," she says. It was around that time that Natasha started modeling as well. "Whisper allowed me to feel confident in the clothes I wore–whether it was a short skirt or a white dress. It's that confidence that, until today, pushes me to take the next step."

Learn more about Natasha Bautista and how her day went with Whisper by her side on Cosmopolitan's June issue! Oh, and if you want to be as confident and fearless as her, make sure you choose Whisper Cottony Long for your tough red days. Click here to purchase it on!

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