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If you’re a K-pop, K-drama, or Korean film enthusiast, we bet you’re more than fascinated by South Korea (because we are). Maybe it’s the attractions, the experiences that await to be discovered, or the celebrities that add more shine to the already sparkling idea. We're betting that one of the things on your bucket list is to visit SoKor—there’s just something about the Land of the Morning Calm that will make you thrilled just by looking at photos or watching YouTube videos. 

That being said, there’s a bunch of YouTube vloggers with videos that we just can’t stop watching. They entertain us with their creative clips, daily musings, and more. So naturally, we're going to tell you more about our faves here!

Below are the seven best South Korean lifestyle YouTube vloggers to watch:

1. Joan Kim

A Korean-American living in Seoul, Joan Kim is one of the reasons why we are truly interested in the Korean culture. As she explores new cafes and restaurants, and talk about her love for black outfits, skincare, and cosmetics, she would often insert a thing or two about what it’s like living in her country.

Joan Kim has two YouTube channels: one is Joan Kim, where she shares her travels and makeup must-haves. The other is Joan Day (her name sounds like the Korean word joheun, which means good—you bet we’re having a good day every time we watch her videos!), a space for her vlogs. 

P.S: We also love her *super* funny, Marvel-loving brother, Abe Kim.

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2. Q2HAN

Twin sisters Qjin and Qwon, who form @Q2HAN will definitely make you laugh so hard with their cute antics! The duo, who are DIY enthusiasts, love fashion, food, and *internet challenges*, among others.

They also have another YouTube channel named Wakeup QQ, where you can find ~healing~ through their videos. Q2HAN never fails to brighten our day, as they introduce what they love doing the most.

3. Ashley B Choi

A member of the K-pop girl group Ladies Code, Ashley B Choi shows us her life as a YouTube vlogger, where we can see at how she learns how to live independently in her adulting series.

Ashley loves anything ~ash-thetic~. She loves going on dates with her close friends (like Joan Kim and BLACKPINK’s Rosé). She’s also a vegan, and after watching her vlogs, tbh we’re kinda interested to switch diets, too.

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4. Darcie

We’ve been watching this 19-year-old’s vlogs since she was in high school, and now that she has started her college life, we’re so excited to watch her new content.

Her YouTube channel, Darcie, will show you her life as a student, how she studies for exams, and still have fun in between (by going out with friends and dancing!).

5. Zoe

This YouTube vlogger works at her mom’s coffee shop, and is known for her Korean café vlogs. Watch as Zoe creates drinks, whip up desserts, and cook her own meals at home (content you can also find in her other YouTube channel, Zoe’s recipe).

Her ~mood~ videos will make you want to hop on a plane to South Korea ASAP for a cup of coffee and a slice of cake, because seriously: You will be obsessed as much as we are.

6. Yoora Jung

Yoora Jung just hit 1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, and you can tell by her videos why everyone loves her! She vlogs her daily life as a college student (also present on her second YouTube channel, study with yoora), and we’re pretty sure you can relate to her daily musings. Yoora currently lives in the US, but regularly visits South Korea, too.

I mean, just look at how she had the time of her life visiting an Instagram-worthy café in Hongdae with her sister:

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DKDKTV—which stands for Danny Kim and David Kim—will be your new faves! The tandem digs deeper into the Korean wave (with song and music video explanations, news updates, and their personal opinions about the K-pop world) but they don’t skip on showing their lifestyle in South Korea.

You guys, we promise you’ll learn so much with this channel. David and Danny have such distinct characters, which makes them extra fun to watch (they’re a natural in this field, we’re telling you). They have a *lot* of content to offer, so be sure to hit that subscribe button.

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