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5 Must-Haves For Your Barkada's K-Drama Viewing Party

Don't forget your drinks while you watch your favorite Oppa!
December 18, 2020
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If your friends weren’t into K-dramas before, chances are they are now and you’re all over the group chat fangirling together. And if your next bonding sesh includes binging some of your fave shows, we list down everything you need to make the watch party with your barkada so much more fun!

1. A Pair Of Good Earphones

The attention to detail exhibited in K-dramas is probably one of the reasons they’re so well-loved. And watching them with our earphones makes for a more immersive experience—you can completely pick up all the sounds in each episode—from the ambient noises to the gripping OSTs. Plus, it’s easier to imagine your fave oppa whispering the most nakakakilig things in your ear!

2. Your Pillows And Blanket

Since your friends are not physically there to be the outlet of your kilig or frustration, your pillows are always a good substitute (they never retaliate, for one). A blanket might also come in handy for moments when you need a good hug or you need something to wipe those tears away. You know, in case you get a little too absorbed.

3. Your Smartphone

You’ll need this for when you want to jot down quotes that resonate with you, take note of specific time stamps for ease of rewatching, post your fave scenes on your stories, and translate words or phrases you want to familiarize yourself with. ICYDK, a lot of non-Koreans have K-dramas as their language teachers!

4. Your Fave Korean Snacks

If you’re getting serious cravings from watching the actors stuff their mouths with tteokbokki, ramyeon, or the triangle kimbap among other staple K-food in drama, then do yourself a favor and prep whatever Korean snacks you can! It'll also help you ~visualize~ yourself in South Korea with your oppa!

5. A Soju-Inspired Drink

Ever since Hallyu took over the country by storm, soju has become a major go-to drink for most of us—to the point that there’s now a Philippine beverage that takes pride in its Korean-inspired flavor. The Bar Fruity Mix leaves a delicious, so juicy taste in your mouth, making it a fitting partner for those kilig moments as we binge our fave K-dramas. It comes in flavors Green Grape and Pink Grapefruit, and is concocted with just 15 percent alcohol content by volume for a kick that is subtle but enough to pump you up for the night. As inspired it is by soju, you can make a Korean cocktail out of it too aside from drinking it solo!

You can get The Bar Fruity Mix for only P96 (SRP) per 700ml bottle from any leading convenience stores and supermarkets near you, or you could order it online in case you don’t want to go out.

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