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6 No-Fail IG Ideas For Summer

Take your cue from all the double tap-worthy posts from the #CosmoSummer partayyy!
March 23, 2016
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1. Drinks as Props 

Make your followers thirsty for that refreshing cocktail...

Use it as a prop for your shoefies and flat lays...

Or show everyone how cool the party vibe is, especially if your backdrop is one of the hottest clubs in the metro like The Palace Pool Club

And when it comes to cosmopolitans, be like a true CG, and just have fun with them!

2. Photo Walls

Photo booths always have the best lighting!

The colorful backgrounds instantly make great photos, too!

And uber nice brands like PalmoliveOkamoto, and Kojie San would even hand out freebies and let you take home photo souvenirs!

Of course, if you come to a party a bit late, you could also take a photo op for a ~moody~ post.

3. Flat Lays

Let 'em see all your loot...

Or keep it cool and simple.

4. #OOTDs

Cop a classic blogger pose, and stand out while everyone's chilling to the beats of DJ Mars Miranda and Ace Ramos.

Found a few other girls wearing fun prints like you? Snap a group #OOTD with them!

You can also show off your look ever-so-casually in the pool like Cosmo model Hannah Locsin—whatever floats your, err, floatie. Which brings us to...

5. Floaties

Who needs those heavy surfboards at the beach when you can ride super cute floaties like these, amiright?

These hunks sure look yum like they're having fun.

Instead of settling for a photo, why not take an insta-vid of you guys just goofing around? Looks really yum fun! HAHA

6. Just. Keep. Smiling.


Look happy whenever you're snapping a selfie!

Same goes when you're posing with your bestie...

Getting snapped with bae...

Making a Cosmo hunk your arm candy...

Or taking a group pic with your squad. 

Just take it from the squad who can't wait to throw another awesome party for you really soon—the Cosmo team!

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