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OMG! This Refrigerator Lets You Store More Food Items Inside To Keep Them ~Fresh~

Thanks to its Smart Conversion and Twin Cooling Plus features that allow for flexible space while preserving freshness.
September 10, 2021
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You’ve probably experienced your stress levels shooting up whenever you have to make things fit in your refrigerator. Sometimes, rearranging the items inside feels like a game of Tetris—only it’s annoying instead of fun! So, you end up shortening your grocery list by buying only what you think will fit in the fridge—but this means you’ll have to go on grocery runs more often than usual, which isn’t ideal during a pandemic.

Enter Samsung’s Smart Conversion Refrigerator, a home appliance you didn’t think you needed until you found out just how flexible, sustainable, and, well—smart it is.

To start with, the *sleek* refrigerator has two doors, which separate the freezer on top and the fridge at the bottom. It’s equipped with a Twin Cooling Plus Technology that helps retain humidity—this basically helps keep your food fresh for longer periods so you won’t end up with stale or spoiled food. It has been known to help prevent air from traveling from one compartment to another, too, which keeps your ref smelling ~fresh~.

It also has a Smart Conversion feature that lets you convert the freezer based on your needs. It allows the refrigerator to be both space-saving and energy-saving by letting you control the freezer and fridge independently. So, for example, when you’re going on vacation, you can choose to turn off the refrigerator and keep the freezer on—this helps save energy and preserve your frozen food (yup, sustainable and practical alike!).

You can also turn it into a mini-fridge by converting the top compartment (freezer) into a refrigerator and switching off the bottom compartment (refrigerator)—great for saving energy and money. Talk about flexibility!

Even better: It lets you convert the freezer space into extra fridge space with just a press of a button! It’s a great feature to have for home bakers or those who simply have a lot of food to store, or even those who want to cut down on energy consumption.

Now, if you want to reduce further the energy you’re consuming, you can count on Samsung’s Digital Inverter Technology to help keep your food fresh in the fridge all while helping save energy. Bonus: The brand offers a 10-year warranty for its compressor, too!

Other cool features include Power Cool and Power Freeze—a quick way to cool and freeze the fridge, in case you need something frozen, stat; an Anti Bacteria Protector with activated carbon filter to help keep it sterilized and deodorized, and an anti-bacterial mesh to help eliminate bacteria; and a handy Easy Slide Shelf so you can conveniently restock or find what you’re looking for.

For more information, visit Samsung’s official website, or follow the brand on Facebook and Instagram.

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