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5 Fun Party Poses Your Boss Won't Judge You For

Take cues from these influencers.
May 17, 2019
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Being friends with your boss on social media has its perks. Sharing funny posts and cool photos or stories of you brings out your personality and makes you look ~real~ to her—a great balance to your hardworking self at work. Things can be tricky with party pics, though. Get too crazy and you leave a bad impression. To look fun, here are influencer-approved poses taken at the San Mig Light All Night event last May 3 at Uptown Parade in Taguig.

1. The Shy Girl Dance

No one can blame you for freaking out when your fave song of all time comes on. If you must take a dance photo, dial it down by swaying to the beat and looking away from the cam. Try Jach Manere's pose with a ribbed bodycon dress to accentuate your curves.

2. The Pre-Game

If you're not ready to strike a pose at the start of the evening, don’t fret. Take cues from Lexi Mendiola: Find a busy background and let that speak for itself while you stand out in your signature LBD. Smile and caption your pic with something like, “*screams internally*” for humor.

3. The Tourist Pic

Take notes from Joanna Eden: Show everyone how comfortable you are at your go-to place by leaning against the sign or a post. Flaunt your figure with a pair of high-waist skinny jeans and a fitted top.

4. The RBF

When your feet are starting to kill you, turn pain into strength. Take a seat and channel your inner bad girl just like Bea Marin. This pose complements a street or grunge look.

5. Disco Fever

Old-school dance moves may be cheesy for some, but not for you. Like Amanda Villanueva, you’re not afraid to channel your inner dancing queen. Wear a crop top and a pair of high-waist boyfriend jeans (or trendy bell-bottoms) and make your tita boss proud.

Enjoy parties and conversations that last all night with a bucket of San Mig Light—each bottle has only 100 calories.

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Drink responsibly.

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