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Pet Parents, Here Are Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Dogs And Cats

They’ll love these treats!
November 29, 2021
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And just like that, the gift-giving season is upon us! While you plot what you’ll be giving to your family and friends, we hope you’re not forgetting your *adorable* pets that have constantly kept you company through and through! Aside from toys, why not stock up on food that they couldn’t say no to—and is equally beneficial for them as well? Doing so would lessen the chances of accidentally giving them something from your holiday feast like cheese, cake batter, pudding, bread dough, and candies. Take note, these ~human~ foods aren’t good for your pets!

Best if you can stick to pet food that’s tailored to your pets’ nutrition. You can try mixed feeding which can be done alternately or combined. Either way, the goal is to help pets get the nutritional benefits of both dry food and wet food.

To give you an idea, dry food is focused on oral health like reducing dental plaque and tartar. It's also practical because dry food doesn't spoil easily. Meanwhile, wet food aids your pets' weight management and water retention. The latter is vital to help lessen the chances of your pets getting kidney or urinary tract problems. The wet food's soft texture also adds palatability to dry food. As a result, pet food gets to be ~*appetizing*~ for your dogs and cats. However, keep in mind there are rules on proper rationing and feeding. Read more about mixed feeding for dogs and cats.  

If you're ready to shop pet food for Christmas, below are Royal Canin treats based on your pets' size, breed, and particular health needs:

For their size

Royal Canin Medium Adult Wet Food 

This pet food has meat chunks drenched in gravy! It also helps support pleasant skin and strong natural defenses among dogs. Get this if you have an adult dog that’s around one to 10 years old and weighs around 11 to 25 kilograms.

Royal Canin Maxi Adult Wet Food 

It’s for dogs that are 15 months to eight years old and weighing around 26 to 44 kilograms. The maxi adult version will help keep their bones, joints, and skin in good condition!

For their breed

Royal Canin Wet Range Yorkshire Terrier Adult Food

If you have a Yorkie that’s older than 10 months, consider adding this loaf in sauce wet food to their diet. It helps promote pleasant skin and coat. And even if this pet food can be a little fussy, your Yorkie would find it palatable!

Royal Canin Wet Range Poodle Adult Food

Made for poodles over 10 months, this loaf in sauce supports robust muscle joints. It also helps maintain the good condition of their coat!

Royal Canin Wet Range Dachshund Adult Food

With dachshunds being more prone to joint problems, they’ll need wet food that can help strengthen their bone and joint health, as well as muscle tone. This food item is recommended for dachshunds that are 10 months old and up.

Royal Canin Chihuahua Adult Wet Dog Food

Is your chihuahua over eight months old? Get this wet food item that’s easily consumable and supports functional digestion among chihuahuas!

Royal Canin British Shorthair Adult Wet Cat Food 

Although filling, these cylindrical chunks have less energy content to meet the dietary needs of British shorthair cats that are over a year old. Plus, it supports a functional urinary system and a good-looking coat!

Royal Canin Maine Coon Adult Wet Cat Food

To make sure your Maine coon that’s 15 months or older meets its required energy every day, try adding this to their diet: hearty thin meat slices in gravy to help support their bones, joints, and coat!

For specific health needs

Royal Canin Coat Care Wet Food 

Aside from meeting the nutritional requirements of dogs over 10 months, this loaf in sauce particularly addresses dull coat by working its way from their skin out to the coat.

Royal Canin Wet Range Instinctive Cat Food

By eating these meaty chunks, cats 12 months and up can easily get their macronutrient needs including protein, fat, and carbohydrates.

Royal Canin Wet Range Intense Beauty Cat Food

Maintain the healthy-looking skin and coat of your cats aged 12 months and up with these chunks drenched in gravy! Plus, this pet food helps maintain their ideal weight as well as a functional urinary system.

These are but just some of the treats you can consider gifting your pets this holiday season. ICYDK, Royal Canin has a wide range of pet food, all tailored to meet the needs of your dogs and cats. 

You can get Royal Canin products from Lazada and Shopee. To know more about Royal Canin, visit or follow Royal Canin on Facebook.


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