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These Pinays Share How They Stay Inspired To Create Content In The New Normal

Learn how millennials and Gen Zs hustle on social media.
September 03, 2020
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Staying at home can feel so limiting because you’re exposed to the same things on the daily. With less adventures outside and a busy WFH or online class sched, you often wonder how else you’re going to keep your content ~interesting~ and updated. We often look to social media to stay inspired and find visual inspiration beyond the four walls. Many young Pinays, both millennials and Gen Zs, use their online platforms to showcase their work from artsy projects to small businesses made from home. Nowadays, smartphone photography and editing apps with help from social media not only allow us to express ourselves but also help us fully bring our creative ideas to life. Here’s what these young Pinays have to say:

Audrey, Marketing Specialist And @OnlyPansPH Founder

How often do you use your phone?

I am always on my phone. From the moment I wake up, I immediately check for updates—for work, business, family, friends, and most importantly, the ganaps outside. On top of that, I manage my little business, onlypansPH, on my own. I do food styling and take photos or videos of my sushi bakes, post social media updates, and take orders from customers. I use my phone for literally everything.

OnlyPans PH Sushi Bake shot using OPPO Reno4  

What content do you usually create using your phone?

Before the pandemic, I used to travel a lot—locally and internationally. I’m fond of taking random stills of the places I go to. My feed is mostly composed of warm-looking photos, especially sunsets and the sea. I’m very particular with colors. It speaks more about what I feel. 

Now that you're just at home, how do you stay inspired to create content?

I look to people I’ve followed and met online. I love observing people, things, and places. It inspires me to create. [I have to admit that] it's harder [to create] now that we're all staying at home. I experience creative blocks more frequently than usual. Now I try to pull inspiration from strangers who hustle. I feel proud whenever I see them create stuff from scratch and share it to the world. It inspires me to do more. I feel like there’s a constant need for growth and for [that to happen], I need to learn from other people and myself. It also helps me cope since it keeps me inspired and grounded. 

Shot using OPPO Reno4  


What do you usually look for when it comes to developing your own content?

I’m a fan of taking photos. I think a good photo gives you feelings. So, for me to do that, I need to have a good quality camera phone. I’m very particular with the color [register]. [It should show] my exact mood when I took that photo. 

I like using OPPO Reno4 camera's portrait mode! It elevates the colors of my subject, giving it more life. The phone is also sleek and handy. Taking photos and seeing the results helped me feel confident and fearless. 

Eunice, Advertising Creative

What are some gadgets you often use to occupy your time?

My phone is my best friend and my all-around companion for both personal and work matters. I also have a tablet for my freehand drawing hobby and a laptop mainly for work. I think I only use my laptop for creating decks. 

What content do you usually create using your phone? 

I’m a heavy Instagram user. I like creating static and moving content. For photos on my feed, I use color grading and enhancement apps to add mood and character, then I use a feed-planning app to check if the color suits my overall aesthetic. For dynamic content, I invested in a video editing app.

How do you keep your content game strong? Where do you get inspiration?

Since I create campaign concepts for different brands, I know that aesthetic is important, but consistency in keeping them up is key. 

The best camera is the one that's with you. And my phone is always with me. I make sure my camera is a high-quality one. I also buy apps because they give me more creative freedom. I am more inspired and feel more creative when I have a good camera and easy-to-use apps.

There’s always room for creativity even when you feel limited and only have a smartphone in hand! Translating your ideas into striking visuals is a really good way to express yourself and feel more confident about what you post online. More than just selfies, a smartphone with a powerful camera can help young Pinays bring their vision to life.

Just like them, you can create IG-worthy content with a creative tool that gives you everything you need to bring out #ClearlyTheBestYou. The OPPO Reno4 is equipped with a 48-MP main four-lens camera and a 32-MP selfie camera that allow you to take stunning, clear, and crisp photos, even if you're just shooting at home. The impressive AI Color Portrait mode feature highlights the subject in natural color and makes the background black and white for a more creative shot. 

No need to worry about shooting in a low-light setting as the Night Flare Portrait mode gives you more dynamic and neon effect shots during nighttime, and even includes a bokeh effect in the background. To complete the experience, the 960-fps AI Slow Motion captures numerous moments in just a second. It adapts a four-fold interpolation algorithm into 240-fps footage giving you that perfect slow-mo effect for your video content. With all these new features from Reno4, it definitely gives everything you need to keep you creatively inspired at home.

OPPO Reno4 is priced at PHP18,990 and is now available at all OPPO concept stores nationwide, dealer partners, and e-commerce partner Shopee. You can also get it via Globe Postpaid’s ThePlan 1499 with free Rock Space EB100 Stereo Earbuds. For more details, follow OPPO on Facebook

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