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Planning A Party? You Need These 7 Apps In Your Life

Because there's ALWAYS an app for that.
June 09, 2015
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So you were given the very important task of planning your sister's debut or BFF's bridal shower, what do you do?  You would think that logging in on Facebook all day long would not solve any of the party problems you're having right now, but trust us, all this social media mess will help you plan like a pro.


To make sure your caterer, florist, and venue contacts are on the same page as you, it's best to send emails where you can talk to all of them at once. Exchange detailed emails with your party suppliers through your Gmail app!

(Download for iOS | Download for Android)



You want a garden-themed tea party with a setup that looks like it came straight out of Downton Abbey and offers food that would make Gordon Ramsey proud. That's a bit complicated, isn't it? The Foursquare app might just be the perfect answer to this. It's teeming with possible venue ideas and reviews so you can find the best place to host your party in! 

(Download for iOS | Download for Android)



To make sure your guests get to the venue in one piece, why not ask them all to download Waze on their phones? This community-based, GPS app will allow them to see how to get to the venue and see your status while on the road.

(Download for iOS | Download for Android)



Believe  us, there are a million things you can do on Pinterest when planning anything. For one thing, you can find millions of design ideas for your party decorations and invitation cards. You can also get recipes and menu inspirations, as well as outfit ideas if you have a dress code you wish everyone (even your Titos and Titas) would follow

(Download for iOS | Download for Android)



If you think giving out party invitations is so yesterday, why not make a website for your event? Make a Tumblr blog and fill it with party photos, invitations, playlists, and even links to map downloads. It's so easy, you can even do it on you phone!

(Download for iOS | Download for Android)



Another way of inviting your friends is through Facebook's events feature. All you have to do is create an event page and add up your friends so they could get instant e-vites to the party that they can RSVP to anytime.

(Download for iOS | Download for Android)



Want to make the party more memorable? Ask your attendees to take photos during the event and upload it on their respective Instagram accounts with a specific hashtag. You'll be amazed with the amount of photos you can amass and the different photo perspectives you get to see afterwards!

(Download for iOS | Download for Android)

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