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Raise Your Hand If You've Experienced These Awkward WFH Moments

So embarrassing!
October 29, 2021
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Here’s what lack of sleep can do to an otherwise happy and productive human being: You transform from fresh-faced to eye-bagged, with unpredictable outbursts and weekly, weepy breakdowns. In fact, you cancel all your weekend plans because you’re suddenly not in the mood to do anything. You may even feel a bit slower. Like those times you read your boss’s brief over and over without understanding a single word.

If this is you, here are some absent-minded bloopers that can or have already made you blush at work due to lack of sleep. Oops!

You forget to mute your mic—and make a totally embarrassing comment!

Hay, matagal pa ba toh?

To your horror, you realize that you’re unmuted and everyone in the video call just heard you. Major oof! As you scamper to mute your mic, you hope they don’t figure out that you made the comment. Yes, ladies, this has happened to some of us. And if you’re one of them, always remember: double-check your mic and camera!

You send nonsense messages or e-mails without the promised attachments.

The world is confusing when you’re tired and out of it. That’s why on days when you’ve stayed up late the night before, you may have accidentally sent messages and e-mails that made sense in your head, but made your boss and colleagues go “Is she okay?”

Your mind drifts off when your boss or colleague talks to you.

Ever had to take a vid call so your boss or colleague can discuss an important matter with you, but no matter how much you try to focus, all you hear is gibberish? And so, you power through with a polite smile as you secretly try to make sense of what they mean. Yup, that’s what lack of sleep does to you.

You also drift off during meetings and presentations.

You may have readied your notepad and pen, but five minutes into your Zoom meeting and you’re already daydreaming about your next splurge, the next K-drama you’ll watch, and how hungry you are at the moment. When you snap out of it, everyone in the meeting is already waving goodbye while your notes lay empty in front of you. Yikes! Now, how to fish for the details without people noticing?

You take an afternoon nap and forget to set your alarm.

Admit it: You sneak mini-power naps every now and then! Don’t worry, we get you. But have you ever woken up and realized to your horror that your sneaky siesta extended a little more than you planned? Yup, you’ve forgotten to set your alarm, girl.

You frantically search for something that’s right in front of you.

Whether you’re hunting for your glasses that are sitting on your head or are using your phone’s flashlight to look for your phone, you’ll find it hard to be effective when you’re brain’s confused, fried, and sleep-deprived, just like this girl in this video below:

Absent-mindedness from lack of sleep makes you prone to bloopers at work. And if any of these embarrassing moments have happened to you, take it as a sign that you need more quality Z’s. To get better sleep, try unplugging an hour before bedtime, establishing a bedtime routine, using essential oils, and using a mattress that makes falling asleep easier.

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