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Stressed At Work? 6 Things To Do So You Don’t Crack Under Pressure

GIRL, take it easy!
December 17, 2015
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1. Breathe.

Clear your mind before anything else. Maybe step away from your desk for a bit, or go outside the office if you have extra time.

2. Don’t overthink.

You’ll just be torturing yourself and losing sleep over “the stress of thinking about stress.” Okay, everything seems complicated and exhausting, but you can tackle everything if you take them on one at a time.

3. Review your responsibilities.

Make an inventory of all your pending projects. Take note of both major and minor tasks, so you don’t forget anything. This is key, so you can plan your next steps.

4. Break down the tasks at hand.

Once you get an overview of the workload you have, don’t break down in tears, curl up in a ball in the corner of your cubicle, and bawl away! Instead, break down your upcoming projects and responsibilities into smaller, “bite-sized” bits. This way, you can tick off your to-do list one by one, and you can see that you’re actually making progress.

5. Work with your team.

Find out which tasks you can or should accomplish by yourself, and sort the ones you need to delegate to others. Remember that your teammates are working just as hard as you do, so stay committed to your goals, and succeed together.

6. Be professional.

At the end of the day, it all boils all down to professionalism, and as a responsible boss or staff member, you have to fulfill your role no matter how tough the going gets.

This is exactly what you can learn from Chris Hemsworth, who, like the TAG HEUER ambassadors (which include Cara Delevinge, Patrick Dempsey, and Cristiano Ronaldo) don’t quit despite the odds.

The Australian actor went beyond his conventional roles when he played the Formula 1 driver James Hunt in the film Rush. Now, he’s an internationally known and admired actor with memorable roles in Hollywood blockbusters. While work as a movie actor may be sooo far from your job right now, you and Chris Hemsworth can share this mentality: you’re tough, and you can succeed no matter what challenge comes your way.


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