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The Fun, Fearless Girl’s Guide To A Confidence Makeover

From zero to confidence hero!
June 30, 2015
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Feeling nervous about your presentation with the higher-ups this week? Or did you have that "Ang pangit ko na!" moment in front of the mirror today? We get it. We really have those days when we just watch our confidence level go down the drain. Turn to this list to get your groove back, so you can go further and get what you want!

1. Find a new mantra.

Yes, even mantras need an upgrade, girl. Our suggestion: Follow @thegoodquote on IG for a daily dose of positive, motivational quotes. At work, change your desktop wallpaper with something that makes you happy. But most importantly, surround yourself with people who truly believe in you.

2. Dress to de-stress.

Having a rough week in the office? Give your #OOTD a work-ready twist. Power dressing allows you to present yourself with command, confidence, and class. So buy that dress you’ve been eyeing last week, wear it to your next meeting, and walk into the room with your killer heels like you own the place.

3. Get your groove on.

Make a badass playlist that can put you in the mood to conquer anything and everything. This playlist should be so awesome, even EDSA traffic can’t ruin your GV! How ‘bout some Madonna, Beyonce, Arianna, Nicki, and Swifty, yeah? We've got a "Stuck In Traffic" playlist on Spotify, btdubs!

4. Stop stuttering.

Drop the unnecessary words like "uhm," "like," "parang", because it makes you sound unsure and unprofessional. Tip: Maintain eye contact and go straight to the point. This way, people will pay more attention when you speak and will understand you much better.

5. Do an eyebrow and lipstick check.

Trust us, ugly eyebrows can totally mess up your face—and your confidence level. Make sure those eyebrows are always, always, always well-groomed and on fleek to prevent you from feeling self-conscious when talking to someone up-close (aka your office crush).And don’t forget to swipe on your fave shade of lippie!

6. Keep a pack of Whisper with you all the time.

Don’t ever (EVER!) let your period stop you from going further! Whisper’s 12-hour protection pushes you to feel strong, sexy, beautiful, and confident even on red days. Go for Whisper Cottony Long for all day (and all night) protection, so you can go the extra mile. 

Who would’ve thought that bringing your confidence back can be as easy as one to six, right? #Winning! Now go and grab a pack of Whisper on!

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