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These Local Photographers Share How To Make Your Feed More Creative Using A Smartphone

They also reveal their favorite photos!
July 30, 2021
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TBH, curating an IG feed takes a lot of work especially if you want to stay true to your aesthetic. You need to plan your content, come up with a color palette, and make sure the images look good together. Nowadays, you can easily take photos using a smartphone but it’s important that you have a *unique* eye if you want an IG feed that stands out. If you need some creative inspo and tips, these local photographers might be able to help you:   

“I think you have to know what you personally find beautiful. Trends come and go, but your vision as an artist should always be rooted in your personal style.”

Andrea Beldua is known for her dreamy celebrity portraits. In her recent project, “Anatomies (A Study)”, the photographer used CAMON 17 Pro’s Magic Pixel and Mono Portrait features to highlight the beauty of the female form. Her fave? The reclining figure of her muse, Samantha Bernardo. “It was different from how she is usually photographed as a beauty queen. The photo allowed me to channel my fascination with the female form and let me highlight Samantha in a graceful and artistic way,” she says.

To capture Insta-worthy portraits, Andrea says to make sure that your subjects feel beautiful and comfortable during the shoot. You can also maximize your camera features to bring out your creative vision. For her fave shot, Andrea mentions “CAMON 17 Pro was able to capture the colors accurately and the Magic Pixel feature does justice to all the details of the shot, most importantly the skin and the clothes. The Mono Portrait also retains the tonal quality of the photo, making for an arresting image.”

When curating her IG feed, the photographer shares that she focuses on the quality of every photo on her grid instead of palettes and themes. Her tips on how to snap quality photos: “Play with color. Play with composition, like crop tight or shoot wide as the CAMON 17 Pro is equipped with Magic Pixel and Wide Shot features. Don’t be afraid to play with light; find interesting shapes and lines, and have fun! Don’t overthink it!”

“Diversity and dynamism are keys in achieving a well-curated IG feed. Creating a wide variety of images with your phone and planning which ones to post and when can help you achieve that.”

As a conceptual photographer, Niccolo Cosme snaps photos that tell stories. Using his CAMON 17 Pro, Niccolo shot “Bliss”, a series about finding happiness in the stories of people and places he met during one of his night strolls. 

When taking photos on-the-go, Niccolo found that a smartphone’s “grab, slide, position, and shoot” capability has some advantages. During his photo walk, he also used the Super Night Mode to help bring out the eerie beauty of the empty Quiapo bangketa, which is his fave shot in the series. “[I enjoyed using it] because it lets your imagination go further with the Super Night capabilities.” 

As for his feed, Niccolo is all about producing diverse content. To get that, Niccolo reminds creatives to knowing their gadget. “Familiarize [yourself] with its capabilities and special features. As they say, practice makes perfect. So, grab your CAMON 17 Pro and just start shooting!” 

“My aim is to share my love for the ocean and nature. Critical to this is capturing nature as it is and inspiring others to join the advocacy.”

Noel Guevara introduces himself on IG as a “conservation storyteller”. One look at his feed and it’s easy to see why. Because of his purpose-driven feed and on-the-go lifestyle, his smartphone camera has also become super useful in capturing photos. With CAMON 17 Pro, Noel recently shot an adventure series from his hike and free-dive session. 


For the dive, he put the phone in a plastic case. He reveals he was slightly worried that the pictures won’t come out clearly because of the case. Thankfully, the phone’s 64MP camera went beyond duty. It even produced his fave shot! Noel shared that he also used HDR mode to capture details in both shadow and light.

For outdoorsy people like Noel, follow his tips for a great IG feed: “Vary your shots and perspective because shooting on eye level is boring; mix it up with videos (you can use CAMON 17 to film at 40k 30fps or use time lapse for that); shoot during blue and golden hour; and lastly, think of color and palette—that becomes your identity.”

The CAMON 17 smartphone series are the latest from TECNO Mobile. Both CAMON 17 Pro and CAMON 17P are packed with features like 64MP quad rear cameras, a 6.8” FHD + dot-in display, a 5000 mAh battery, and a sizeable memory (8GB + 128GB for CAMON 17 Pro and 6GB + 128GB for CAMON 17P). 

CAMON 17 Pro and CAMON 17P are available at TECNO Mobile stores. For more details, follow TECNO Mobile on Facebook


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