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This Hot Model And GrabTaxi Manager Shares How To Be Successful At Age 23

Yes, girls can have it all!
June 30, 2015
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Model Natasha Bautista is only 23 years old, but she’s already the Country Manager for popular transportation app GrabTaxi—a position that wasn’t easy to land in a field dominated by men. But by bravely making herself heard and not allowing the pressures of the business to crush her spirit, this Cosmo Fun Fearless Female and Whisper advocate was able to push through those boundaries to win at life. Here she shares some advice on how to achieve that professional and personal success every Cosmo girl deserves. 

Make sure to balance work and pleasure.

“If you just focus on work, it might be too late when you realize you’re not happy. It’s very possible to burn out. You’ve lost the relationships you had and people don’t know you anymore. On top of that, it’s really not productive. When I started living a healthy lifestyle, meaning a proper diet and being active, plus a social life, I was more productive at work. I would spend less time at the office but my productivity increased.” 

Use your differences to your advantage.

“Growing up, I was the awkward girl. I was a very tall person. I wasn’t confident at all and I would constantly cry because I didn’t have shoes that fit me or jeans that were the right length. It would show in my posture and how I presented myself. Modeling changed that. It helped me appreciate my beauty, my strengths and weaknesses, and also my flaws. It also helped me to criticize them and improve. Because of that confidence, I feel like I’m a better dealer now. I can speak in front of the public. I can talk and walk in the manner of a leader. It also taught me how to present myself and that’s why I love meeting and sales pitches. Especially in the beginning when no one knew about Grab, taxi operators didn’t believe in the app itself, it taught me that I should figure out who my target audience is and dress properly, dress in this sense, talk a certain way, and be able to capture their attention. It helps in business.”

Take on challenges and go further than what is expected of you.

“When I started my career in the tech industry, I was the only girl in the senior management. Sometimes I would feel that my voice wasn’t as heard as much. I felt like I had to do double the amount of work and persuasion compared to my male coworkers. I love challenges and I love proving people wrong. It actually became very healthy for me to be in that position. Being a woman also became helpful, especially for GrabTaxi, because Grab is all about providing safety to passengers. I really could relate to this because during my modeling days, I really hated commuting. I hated taking taxis, especially since castings and shoots would end so late sometimes. Now I know that I can voice out my opinions on the matter. I feel like because I am a woman and I understand the issues of a woman, I’m able to lead here in GrabTaxi and bring it to what it is now.”

Don’t let the perceptions of others faze you.

“Focus on your strengths and don’t compare yourself to others. My struggles in the beginning of my career were I was a model, and the perception of business people is that they see models as not so smart. Then there was my age–when I started with GrabTaxi I was only twenty-one-years-old. Now, I have 170 people under me. Those three things were my barriers. I’d always feel pressured. Let things pressure you in a way that will see you push through and not be pulled you down.”

Be comfortable in your own skin.

“It’s so difficult for women to take the next step or go beyond what’s expected of them if they aren’t even comfortable or confident with themselves. Whisper helps me be comfortable, with it’s 12-hour back leak protection, I’m able to move and not constantly worry about unwanted accidents happening during my busy days.”

It isn’t all about work so know how to enjoy life.

“When it comes to weekends, I really love road trips and traveling. I like going to Baler. I’m beginners level when it comes to surfing but I do enjoy it. I also like diving and trekking. When it’s the weekend, it should be time to have fun. I know that I deserve to have fun and so I should.”

If you want to embody that fun, fearless confidence just like Natasha, check out our special feature in Cosmopolitan's June issue! Oh, and just like her, make sure you choose Whisper for your tough red days. Click here to purchase it on!

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