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3 Reasons SUVs Are Perfect For Power Women

This on-the-go Cosmo Girl tells you why big cars are great for women who live life at full speed.
October 16, 2015
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If you think SUVs are just for boys, think again. More women are opting for bigger, bolder, more macho cars these days, and it's not just because it's great for keeping all their girlfriends together during road trips. Here, we give you the three reasons why Cosmo girls like Doreen Fermin, a badass lawyer from Makati, buy themselves a muscular SUV, like the all new 4x2 Nissan X-Trail.

1. It has speed, minus the bumps.

You need a ride that can keep up with you—not slow you down when you need it most. Doreen says she loves that SUVs have the perfect build that lets her speed through expressways without feeling the impact of the road. She never worries about looking like a hot mess for out-of-town meetings that go as far as Batangas. Oh, and Doreen attests that bigger, taller cars are great for wading through floods, too. In fact, her car got her through a huge flood a day before her Cosmo shoot!

2. It's super spacious.

Go-getters live multifaceted lifestyles, so SUVs are perfect road buddies for them, too. Doreen claims her SUV is perhaps the wisest investment she's ever had because it has efficiently helped her manage a busy schedule. Between going to courts and client meetings, she also plays football and manages a small food business, all while mastering her cooking skills and maintaining a healthy social life.

3. It's got A LOT of nifty features.

Its facade may be too macho for girly girls, but Doreen swears that it's what's inside that matters most for power women like her. SUVs can pack in better air conditioning, a stronger engine, and a niftier performance on the road. Plus, its safety features and entertainment technology are topnotch. The new 4x2 Nissan X-Trail, for instance, maintains a Dual Zone Climate Control system, a 2.0 liter, fuel-economic tank, and other features such as Push Button Ignition, Intelligent Key, and USB connectivity so you can listen to your roadtrip playlist without missing a beat.

Here's a sneak peek of our fashion shoot for Cosmopolitan's October issue with all-around Cosmo Girl Doreen Fermin and her new 4x2 Nissan X-Trail!


Learn more about the new Nissan X-Trail by clicking here!

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