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6 Must-Try Summer Activities For The Fearless Pinay

Are you ready to have an adventure?
April 19, 2017
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Beach trip photos popping on our feeds prompt us to up our summer game. Food crawls, road trips and bonfires by the sea make great ideas for summer, sure. But if they already sound meh to you, this YOLO list come in handy if you're looking for a thrilling adventure.

1. Scuba diving

It's no surprise our islands offer a wide range of diving opportunities. Be one with the water, brush up on your mermaid skills, and get basic lessons on scuba diving so you can marvel at all the underwater scenery that awaits.

2. Mountain trekking

Looking to be one with Mother Nature? Invest in good hiking shoes and get your legs prepped by hitting the treadmill or by using the stairs instead of the elevator. Your double-tap worthy selfies upon reaching the peak will more than make up for it.

3. Beach surfing

Beach bums are in for a treat as our country is blessed with many surf towns (read: cute surfers). A drive to La Union, Baler or a plane trip to Siargao is any squad's must-have weekend trip. Ride the waves, zoom past the shorelines, and live like a local. There's nothing quite as satisfying as earning that sun-kissed look with some surfer skills to boot.

4. Sky diving or Parasailing

There's no quicker route to being the ultimate adrenaline junkie than a skydive experience ticked off the list. Of course, if skydiving sounds a bit more of a death wish for you, then you can always try parasailing, or zip lining. Both are enough to keep your adrenaline high as much as sky diving will.

5. Skinny-dipping

We assume skinny-dipping is on every CG's secret bucket list—'cause why not?! It's a freeing experience to take your body confidence to new heights, and in this case, new waters.

6. Solo traveling

If living on the edge is not for you, then perhaps solo travel should be on the list. It's just as liberating—there won't be anyone there to slow you down. You get to indulge in your self and become more immersed in your surroundings. Plus, it's the absolute hugot cleanser.

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