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The Best Ways To See The Cherry Blossoms This Year

Make the most of your Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Korea trips with Klook's Blossom Season Sale.
March 20, 2019
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The cherry blossom season varies per location. So if you think about it, you can actually travel to places like Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong to make it to all their cherry blossom seasons. Below, how to start on your floral chase and have the best view for the ‘gram.


In Tokyo, head up the Tokyo Tower to see the city covered in a blanket of pink flowers. If you’re in Fukuoka, take a private car charter to tour you around Uninonakamichi Seaside Park. When in Osaka, purchase an Osaka Amazing Pass to get free entrance to the Osaka Castle, where cherry blossoms thrive during spring.

South Korea

Recreate your favorite K-drama scenes under Seoul’s cherry blossom trees with the exclusive Cherry Blossom Chase Tour. From Seoul, take a day trip to Nami Island to walk through rows of cherry blossom photo spots in your rented traditional Hanbok. Alternatively, Everland’s garden gets a sakura makeover every spring, so you can definitely get your fill of adventure and wanderlust all in one place.


Taiwan is popular for its street food and night markets, but did you know it has cherry blossoms too? A short day trip to the cities of Taichung and Chiayi via the Taiwan High-Speed Rail will give you some of the best pink-filtered views in the country. If you want to check out a cherry blossom festival, be sure to drop by the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village in Taichung as well.

You can see the cherry blossoms and create your own tour in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan with Klook’s Blossom Season Sale, which also includes activities in Hong Kong. You can have a fun P8,000 or P15,000 itinerary with P650 and P1,500 off, respectively. Use the codes BLOSSOM650 and BLOSSOM1500 upon checkout.

For more information, visit Klook’s website and company blog, and follow Klook on Instagram.

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