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17 Pink Places Around The World That'll Make Your Dreams Come True

You'll look pretty in pink posing in front of these destinations!
by Darleen Sy
June 16, 2019
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Admit it, we’ve all done something at one point in our lives that’s solely for the purpose of our Instagram feeds. Whether it’s getting the perfect shot or trying out different filters and color palettes, it’s safe to say that it’s become a part of our lives and even a livelihood for others to do the most to rack up those Internet points.

With the number of trends that have surfaced over the past couple of years, the millennial pink craze is no exception to the way it has shaped the fashion and design world. Both Instagram-friendly and -worthy spots have popped up here and there to feed our aesthetic. And the color pink is definitely not going away any time soon.

Here, we round up 17 of the coolest pink spots you can visit to bring your Elle Woods dreams to life and do as the millennials say: for the ‘gram.

  1. Jaipur City, India

    One look at the city of Jaipur and it’s clear why it’s called the Pink City. Almost every building in the heart of the city including the famous Hawa Mahal palace is painted in a pink terracotta color. It was because the Prince of Wales visited India in 1876 and Maharaja Ram Singh, the ruler at that time, had the city painted pink to welcome guests as it is the color that represents hospitality.

  2. The Gallery at Sketch, London

    Sketch is a two-Michelin star restaurant and is arguably the most beautiful in the whole of London. It consists of four separate hubs, each with their own design and accompanying menu. The Gallery is where you can enjoy afternoon tea and dinner. It has soft pink interiors and is surrounded by multiple art pieces across the room that are just begging to be Instagrammed.

  3. The Pink Wall, Los Angeles

    You didn’t really go to Los Angeles if you didn’t take a photo of yourself in front of the famous Paul Smith pink wall. Though hard to miss because of the flock of tourists, the fluorescent bright pink wall was not really meant to be a spot for photo shoots. In fact, it’s the flagship store of the British designer.

  4. Stylenanda Pink Hotel & Pool Cafe, Seoul

    Stylenanda Pink Hotel as its name suggests is actually not a hotel. Rather, it’s a fashion and beauty store that was made to look at an actual hotel. There, you can also find the Pink Pool Cafe where you can lounge and dine after shopping at their store.

  5. Frank’s Cafe, London

    If you ever find yourself in London, make sure to stop by Frank’s Cafe and Rooftop Bar. Apart from the top-notch dishes available and the chill vibe that makes it the perfect hangout spot, the famous pink stairwell has also become a spot for photos for most guests.

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  6. Hutt Lagoon, Australia

    Australia has quite a number of pink lakes but one that stands out the most is Hutt Lagoon. Though Lake Hillier is the more popular choice, it’s difficult to be visited by tourists. Hutt Lagoon, on the other hand, is more accessible and allows you a better view of the dreamlike lake.

  7. Pietro Nolita, New York

    Though it is one of the most popular restaurants to visit in New York mainly because of its pink aesthetic and the hype it received over Instagram, the Italian dishes they serve should also be enough reason for you to check out the restaurant.

  8. Pink Holiday, Japan

    If you love Barbie, then you should plan a visit to Pink Holiday. Hisano Iso, the owner of the cafe, is a self-proclaimed Barbie-lover and have been collecting the dolls herself and decided to publicly share her collection of over 250 dolls.

  9. Big Pink, Taiwan

    A trip to Taiwan and you’ll find multiple stores filled with rows and rows of claw machines. Big Pink, located in Ximending, is one that stands out the most mainly because it’s an Instagrammer’s neon pink paradise.

  10. Pink Bird Cafe, Quezon City

    Pink Bird Cafe is a Korean restaurant that will satisfy your samgyupsal cravings. Apart from being dressed in all pink, there are 22 murals inside designed by local artists that make the place even more beautiful.

  11. La Muralla Roja, Spain

    La Muralla Roja, which directly translates to "The Red Wall" is a postmodern apartment complex designed in 1968 by Spanish architecture Ricardo Bofill. The geometrical architecture and the bright pink color makes it the perfect location for a photo op. Do keep in mind that actual people live in the building, though.

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  12. Hitsujiyama Park, Japan

    Hitsujiyama Park is commonly known for its large pink moss fields. If you’re planning to visit, the pink moss comes into full bloom during the months of April and May.

  13. Mansur Gavriel, New York

    The Mansur Gavriel pop up store is so aesthetically pleasing it almost looks like it came out straight of a museum. Don’t be fooled: You could still shop your favorite pieces here and at the same time marvel at its minimalist pink interiors.

  14. Apeach Cafe, Busan

    When Apeach Cafe first opened in Busan, people were traveling out to Korea just to visit this adorable peach cafe. How could they not? Apart from the beautifully designed interiors, the cafe also serves the prettiest food and drinks that make them difficult to eat.

  15. MaMa Kelly, Amsterdam

    MaMa Kelly is another restaurant that embraced the millennial pink trend. Everything from the floor down to the tablecloth is either decorated and furnished in pink with subtle brass and oak details. But beyond its pink grandeur, MaMa Kelly is also known for its specialty chicken and lobster dishes.

  16. Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel, Spain

    Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel is probably the most Instagram-friendly hotel in San Antonio. The candy-colored rooms and art-deco-influenced design that’s reminiscent of Miami in the ‘70s was actually made to boost contemporary art in the area. Which is why every single corner of the resort is displayed with various artworks from different artists.

  17. Museum of Ice Cream, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Miami

    If you’ve never been the Museum of Ice Cream, chances are you’ve already seen it on your Instagram feed. It’s an Instagram-friendly museum that’s fueled by their mission to ignite all five senses with our universal love for ice cream.

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