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The Clueless Girl’s Guide To India

Go off the beaten track and #TravelMore to the land of sacred cows, multi-armed goddesses, and really good curry.
December 04, 2015
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With billions of people teeming its crowded streets, thousands of sights, and the cultural clash of the traditional and modern, planning an Indian trip sounds waaay daunting. But with this list plus a handy mobile phone with data (more on that later!), you’re good to go!

1. Tailor your trip. Don’t expect to see ALL the sites in just one trip. Start with the Golden Triangle, a circuit that connects Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. Get a crash course in Indian history—from the 16th century Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi, to the spectacular Taj Mahal (of course!) in Agra, to the Pink City in Jaipur where you can buy local handicrafts.

Humayun's Tomb, Delhi

Taj Mahal

2. Map out where to go. Avoid logistical issues by downloading apps such as IRCTC Connect for booking train rides, Redbus for bus rides, and Ola Cabs for mini, sedan, and prime cabs. You’ll be able to purchase tickets on your mobile phone. Easy!

3. Join a tour group. This will ensure that you will have guides who are knowledgeable, experienced, and used to going around the cities and the sites.

Pink Palace, Jaipur

4. Don't miss out on an epic food trip! Indian food is FAMOUS. Must-tries include palak paneer, a vegetarian dish of spinach and cottage cheese, chicken tandoori, which is baked in a traditional clay oven, and lamb vindaloo, an aromatic curry dish. Just remember to specify your spice level! Get samosa for merienda and cool off with a lassi shake, too!

5. Stay clean to stay healthy. Avoid tap water and bring around bottled water, rubbing alcohol, and bug spray at all times.

6. Opt for 4 or 5-star hotels to be safe. As they are located in nice neighborhoods, it’s easier to find good restaurants, shops, and ATMS. Apps like FoodPanda, Just Eat, Zomato, and Burp! are popular in major Indian cities

7. Be aware and cautious. Keep your money, credit cards, and passport safe at all times. Carry valuables in a pouch around your neck, which you can tuck under your shirt.

8. Stay in touch always! Be in contact with you travel group at all times through WhatsApp or Viber. Have an emergency plan if you get separated.

Holi festival, aka the festival of colours, celebrated annually on the month of March

9. Download a good currency app. Seamlessly convert dollars, euros, and pesos to rupee and vice versa with the XE Currency app. This will prevent you from buying overpriced tourist trap items too!

10. Ditch the crop top. Wear conservative clothing especially if you plan on visiting temples. High heels and open-toed flats are a bad idea as you’ll be doing a lot of walking. Comfortable (and stylish!) sneakers are best.

11. Carry your mobile phone at all times. Your mobile phone isn’t just for selfies and OOTDs. It is also there for your safety and convenience. The best part? Smart Postpaid Surf Abroad 550 now offers data roaming anywhere in India. There’s no need to register and no need to manually select roaming networks since Smart will automatically connect you to its partner network. It’s hassle-free and bill shock-proof with no unwanted data charges as you only get charged P550 a day. #TravelMore with Smart!


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