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This Event Will Tell You EVERYTHING About Traveling For Fun And Work

Connect with digital nomads across Asia and beyond!
March 02, 2018
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If you're someone who considers herself a digital nomad, or someone who dreams of traveling for both work and leisure, then you might want to read about AirAsia's upcoming event. Here's everything you need to know about the Red Hub Convention:

Who are digital nomads?

Traveling used to be just an avenue for escape, but over the years, through technological innovations and promotion of borderless connectivity, the line between work and leisure has become much thinner.

Imagine traveling from country to country, exploring new landscapes, experiencing new cultures, and meeting new people while still being on top of your deadlines and responsibilities. People from all over the world now have this kind of lifestyle, and more companies are studying this budding workforce phenomenon called the digital nomad.

What is the Red Hub Convention?

AirAsia, awarded by Skytrax for being the world’s best low-cost airline for nine consecutive years, aims to better connect its passengers with other people not only through its vast network in Asia but also through innovative digital and mobile solutions.

AirAsia has tapped the brightest minds in the startup and travel industries of several Asian countries to give talks for the entrepreneurs and mobile professionals of this generation. These collaborative discussions aim to inspire and engage the digital nomads, as well as to help them grow their network.

The Red Hub Convention, organized by AirAsia, will be on March 17, Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at The Axon at Green Sun in Makati.

The talks will cover the following topics:

1. The Future of Work tackles the growth and expansion of the startup industry, and the role the travel industry plays in the connectivity of people and the globalization of technology and social entrepreneurship across ASEAN countries.

2. Venture Adventures explains how the way we work is changing with the emergence of new and innovative economic models, and how mobility has evolved to bring new opportunities for the workforce of tomorrow.

3. Borderless Business highlights the opportunities of doing business across borders, particularly for entrepreneurs in key startup economies such as Manila, Jakarta, Bali, Hong Kong, and Beijing.

Who will speak at the upcoming convention?

  • Pete Chareonwongsak – Regional Chief Operations Officer, AirAsia
  • Norhizam Kadir – Vice President, Growth Ecosystems Development, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)
  • Johannes Jaeger – Co-Founder, Hack Horizon
  • Trisha Velarmino – Travel Blogger, P.S. I’m On My Way
  • Steve Munroe – CEO and Co-Founder, Hubud
  • Mikko Barranda – CEO and Co-Founder, Acceler8
  • Shahab Shabibi – CEO and Co-Founder, Machine Ventures
  • Aaron Sarma – CEO, Touristly

How does one register for the Red Hub Convention?

You must have a valid AirAsia ticket to any AirAsia international destination from the Philippines within the 2018 travel period. If you haven’t booked your tickets and want to attend the convention, you can avail of AirAsia’s special promo.

Book here or through the AirAsia mobile app and enter the promo code REDHUBPH for the dates February 27 to March 17 to get a 10 percent discount on all international flights and a 20 percent discount to Jakarta, Bali, and Ho Chi Minh. Travel period is from March 18 to September 30.

Travelers with AirAsia international flights for 2018 may register here. For more details, visit the Red Hub Convention event page and the AirAsia Facebook page.

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