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WATCH: Here's The Sexy Ride Any Cosmo Girl Would Want

It’s one thing to look hot for the biggest career milestone you could ever have. It’s another thing to arrive there in red, hot style.
December 09, 2015
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Along with the Cosmo Fashion issue launched on November 5 at the 71 Gramercy, we also introduced Cosmopolitan's newest models who are set to go big in the fashion scene. Among the notable girls we celebrated with that night are up and coming models Lisette Bendicion and Emerald Alshammari. What's one thing these girls have in common? They're both fun, fearless, and up for anything thrown their way.
With some help from our friends at Mazda, we gave Lisette and Emerald one hell of a ride so they can get to the Cosmo Fashion Launch party in time—all while looking sexy AF. 
"OMG! She looks like a Korean drama star!" We've heard the same comment from people in the office as this 20-year old chinita entered the Cosmo HQ. What we love about this girl is she can easily transform from sweet to sultry, landing her a spot on our top eight list of models to watch for. She's not just a looker, she's hardworking too. Lisette keeps herself busy studying dentistry while landing runway shows and cover shoots. In fact, on the day of her first ever Cosmo event, we picked up Lisette from school where she says she just finished an exam! The hottie then went with us to pick up Emerald before heading to the Cosmo HQ for hair and makeup, and then to 71 Gramercy for a night of partying.
Of course, she had to take a photo of the awesome car they got to ride that night (and throughout the day)—a white Mazda 2 with SkyActiv technology.
We met up with 22-year-old model and beauty queen Emerald Alshammari outside fashion designer Patty Ang's showroom, looking casual in a red dress and a pair of white sneakers. Emerald has booked numerous fashion shows and posed on so many magazine pages, it would be surprising to see her bright smile and not remember seeing her somewhere. Her effortless finesse, TDF looks and height (She stands 5'8"), and outgoing personality earned her a rightful place on our Cosmo 8 Sexiest list. This dreamer is also graduating from college in a couple of months and she excitedly told us she also dreams of having her own car soon! Her dream ride? A "fabulous" red car that's as sexy as the "driver."
Check out what happened before, during, and after the Cosmo Fashion Launch party by watching the video below!

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