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Say Hello To This Useful App Every Pet Lover Should Have

It has special surprises for all pet lovers out there!
October 12, 2020
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Calling all animal lovers: Are your hands full thanks to handling a certain energetic furball in your life? ICYDK, pet food company Royal Canin is launching the Royal Canin (RC) Club, a one-stop pet care app that puts the spotlight on your favorite furry creatures, featuring lessons, news alerts, perks, and more. You can learn about your beloved pets through its reliable resources, plus, you get access to experts, health professionals, and trusted breeders. Its point system will also motivate you to learn more through freebies and vouchers.

The RC Club app’s got you covered with a lot of features. There’s a nifty point system which unlocks rewards with every mission accomplished while using the app. For example, just filling out your pet’s profile can already rack up 100 points! Some of the rewards include RC products, RC exclusive limited-edition giveaways and online GCs. There’s also an active Knowledge section where you can view tips and tricks on how to level up your pet care skills (because there’s always room for improvement, right?). You can even learn something new through interactive quizzes, which keep you on your toes when it comes to knowing the best practices in caring for your puppies and kitties.

The overall user experience is like a pet walk in the park with an easy-to-navigate interface, a convenient store locator (which provides the nearest establishment within your vicinity), and a rewards program that keeps on giving! The RC Club values both pet and human care, providing a virtual safe space for animal lovers from all over the country to air out their concerns and keep track of the latest and greatest trends in the world of pet care. It also makes supply shopping all the more rewarding. So as long as you possess a genuine affection for pet companions, you are more than welcome to join the Royal Canin Club.

The inclusive pet care club is available on both iOS and Android devices, and signing up means you get exclusive benefits. Simply open the app and register with your details, plus, info on your furry companion. Once you’ve successfully joined as a new member, you’ll be entitled to a surprise gift! BTW, they also have a special surprise for the first few thousand users, so sign up ASAP!

You can download Royal Canin Club on both the Apple App Store and Google Play. Visit and @RoyalCaninPH on Facebook for more info!


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