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Gifts I Really Want To Receive On Valentine's Day—Just Letting You Know

We asked Pinays what they want to receive on the most romantic day of the year.
by Ginyn Noble
February 13, 2023
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Valentine’s Day may be a “capitalist” celebration for some, but for others, it’s one of the many days to make their special someone feel, well, special! Of course, there are plenty of ways to do this and one of those is by thinking of a gift that will make that person blush. In this day and age, you could also celebrate Galentine’s (girls), Malentine’s (males), and Palentine’s (pals). And what better way to complete the experience than with an unforgettable gift?

If you’re still stuck on what to give your S.O. (or yourself), we gotchu! asked Pinays what gifts they really want to receive on the most romantic day of the year. Let this list remove the guesswork for you: 


“Day off, juseyo. Staycation where I can sleep for just one night na dire-diretso.” – Twila

You don’t have to go far for a romantic and relaxing getaway. Pick your favorite hotel and book a room or try their February staycation packages, such as this one from Discovery Suites, The Manila Hotel, and Novotel Manila

Salon & Spa Treatment

“Massage and salon haircut.” – Yna

Pamper your partner like royalty with a relaxing day or weekend, complete with salon services and spa treatments. Check out spa-cation offers like the new couple jacuzzi package by New Lasema Spa or the “stay and spa” promo by I’M Hotel

Special Date

“A well thought out, planned date. That’s what I’m doing this year. Even picked our outfits already!” – Lanae

Trust us, if you plan an entire date and all your S.O. has to do is show up, they will definitely appreciate it. Get recommendations from friends or browse through authentic reviews to find the best spot. Here’s one resource: an Instagram blog called Date Night Manila, which rates various places around the metro in terms of “date-ability” factor. Think outside the box, too, and try cute date ideas like a Sip and Gogh painting session or a French baking workshop.

Shopping Spree

“I'm really gonna do something nice ‘NICE’ for myself for Valentine's Day. I used to buy myself flowers all the time but fell out of the habit. Bringing that back! [But maybe also] a cute steak dinner, a little shopping spree, a new hat… I'm really about to LOVE me harder.” – Michelle

Spoil your partner with a shopping date. But if you want to pick out the gifts yourself, check out these “gifts for her” picks from Rustan’s.


“A kooky serenade made just for me.” – Dennis

 Make a truly personalized gift by writing a song for your beloved. And if creating songs or singing isn’t really your thing, maybe you’d consider hiring a “harana” service instead?



“Flowers [kasi] gusto ko ‘yung smell ng roses. Tapos gusto ko rin ng croissant. Hahaha!” – Nicole

The classic Valentine's Day gift never goes out of style, and there are several stores to choose from. Pro tip: Reserve a bouquet as early as possible because slots run out at some shops. And usually, it’s more ideal to book a small yet reliable flower shop because deliveries from the big stores can sometimes be delayed.

Another pro tip: Consider your partner’s interests (even something as basic as their favorite color) when selecting blooms for your arrangement. For instance, if your partner is a BTS fan, consider an ARMY-themed "I Purple You" bouquet. Speaking of K-pop fans…

Merch Bouquet

Ganitong [BTS merch] bouquet lang gusto kong matanggap ngayong February.” – Maye

The way to fangirl’s heart is through her bias. So, why not customize your flower bouquet with merch like collectible photo cards (look for rare, authentic ones if you really want to impress!) Or, simply order a box of merch or a coveted collector’s item as your gift. Hwaiting!


“Two words: plane ticket!” - Katrina

Sweep your S.O. off their feet with travel plans. Jumpstart your romantic getaway by hunting airfare deals or booking complete travel packages.


“Forget flowers and chocolates. I want wine!” – Kimberly 

This one’s for the lovers of bubbly or vino. And it’s easy to find specially boxed wines (read: instant gifts!) nowadays. Exhibit A: Boozy.


“A cute necklace or a pair of earrings—tapos gusto ko siya ‘yung magkakabit sa akin.” – Alyssa

Does your partner love accessories? Think about their taste and style to come up with a nice addition to their collection. For cute trinkets on a budget, look for local stores that also offer personalization like Tala by Kyla. On the more high-end side of things, maybe pick some Pandora charms for her bracelet or a coveted Tiffany & Co. set.


Siguro a box of croissants, caviar pie, or super sinful na cheesecake!” – Gin

If you know what yummy treat makes their heart sing, then it’s going to be a failsafe present for Valentine's Day. Some ideas: an addictive caviar pie or a chocolate-covered berry bouquet from The Table Spread Co, artisanal bread in VDay Flavors from Butterboy Bakehouse, and trendy vintage-style cakes like this Pink Velvet Heart Cake from Butternut Bakery.

Letter or Handmade Card

“A Valentine’s Day card or artwork made by hubby and our child.” – Kate

Pour your heart out on paper and say everything you want to say to your partner. You can also keep it cute and punny. Take inspiration from these one-of-a-kind handcrafted stationeries by papeldesarapen.


Sobrang romantic ba if I reply, ‘cash’?” – Maika

Ewan ko rin, may pasok ako ‘nun eh… I want to receive 500K. Haha!” – Gines 

Let’s be practical, amiright? If you want to give your cash gift a Valentine’s Day flair, consider money bouquets or cake.


Someone to Date

“An emotionally available man.” – Paulina

Set up two of your single friends whom you think would be compatible. Or maybe let them join speed dating events like this one from Notorious HQ in Poblacion or the one in Ayala Malls Cloverleaf. There are also plenty of singles’ night out events this month (and beyond) like those by Lark Experiences and Singles Events Manila. Love is in the air, so you just have to fan it toward the right direction!

One thing’s for sure: The best present will always be subjective. So, really consider what the person likes and what will make them smile so that you can come up with the perfect Valentine’s gift. 

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