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3 Instant Date Night Ideas For Every Kind Of Couple

This is a girl's guide to minimum effort, maximum effect dates.
February 12, 2016
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Let’s be honest. Not all couples are made equal, and just because most girls you know want to go out and be treated like a queen on Valentine’s, it doesn’t mean you have to celebrate the same way they do. You might be the chill GF who doesn’t want to join the mad dash to that fancy Italian Spanish restaurant in Makati, be brought to the Mind Museum and pretend you’re in NY, or be swept away to that place in Tagaytay where everyone is getting proposed to.

If you're trying to whip up an instant date—maybe to catch up and just be with each other—and you don't have a lot of time or cash to do it, here are three ideas that will suit every kind of couple:

1. For The Foodies: Feast On Takeout!

While all the guys are rushing to flower shops for bouquets, surprise your guy with a night at home with takeout food from all his favorite hole-in-the-wall restos. Not only do you save yourself from potentially burning your kitchen (since we’re all being honest here), but you also show your man the lengths you’ll go to just to have all his favorite things.

2. For The Competitive Couple: Bet On It.

Bring out Cards Against Humanity, play some board games, or set him up for a game of beer pong, just the two of you. Spend the night making bets with your BAE—whoever loses makes breakfast-in-bed the morning after. #WinWin, right?

3. For The Chill Couple: Relax And Rewind.

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