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4 Amazing Ways Lube Will Change ~Everything~ In Bed

Easier, better orgasms, anyone?
November 16, 2018
CREATED WITH EZ Lubricating Jelly
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Contrary to the idea that only women going through menopause need lube (dryness is a symptom of menopause), women in their 20s can definitely benefit from using the unsung hero of the boudoir. Read on to find out exactly why you should stock up on lube for sexy time, with or without a partner:

1. It makes it easier for you to orgasm.

The level of your vagina’s natural lubrication depends on so many things: stress, hormonal changes due to menstruation, contraception, and pregnancy, to name a few. Even if you’re super turned on, sometimes your body needs a bit more time to catch up with your brain. If you’re experiencing dryness, use lube to make things smoother. When you’re wet, you can maintain your desired rhythm for longer periods of time, and most women need that to orgasm. Your partner will also be able to vary his speed, which is important when you want a big buildup to O-town.

2. Lube makes sex less painful for you.

As it lessens friction from sex, lubricant prevents membrane tearing, which can cause discomfort and bleeding in your vagina, not to mention increase your risk of contracting STDs or STIs. If you use condoms as your main contraception, the extra boost from lube also prevents a condom from drying out—which happens in intense and long-lasting sex—and becoming prone to breaking.

3. Lube makes it easier to experiment in bed.

This can mean anything from trying out new positions to using sex toys to experimenting with anal. If you’re ready for some backdoor action, lube is absolutely necessary since your anus doesn’t produce its own lubrication like your vagina does. Playing with yourself? Think of lube as something you can enjoy with (or without) your sex toys—just always make sure the lube is compatible with the materials that your toys (and condoms) are made of. Try water-based lube; it doesn’t damage latex condoms and silicone toys.

4. Using lube paves the way for open, honest communication with your partner.

When you bring up using lube with your partner, you’re telling him what you want and what will make you feel good. It’s you saying that you trust him with your wants and needs. Your openness will move your partner to do the same, leading to good, honest communication—a.k.a. improved intimacy—in and out of the bedroom.

With all the good stuff that lube provides, it’s a smart idea to stock up on this bedroom game changer. If you’re ready to start experimenting with lube, try EZ Lubricating Jelly. It’s a water-based lubricant that feels natural, dispels dryness, and ensures a great, comfortable time in bed.

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