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4 Awkward But *Normal* Things That Happen On First Dates, According To Pinays Who've Been There

The goal is to feel safe and confident!
April 04, 2022
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Raise your hand if you have experienced crash-landing into an *awkward* first date situation at some point in your life! FYI, it's totally fine; it’s your first time meeting the person, after all. Let's just say that you were probably dealing with the jitters. And when you do, you're more likely to overthink or say the wrong thing, all while trying to make a good first impression. 

In fact, three brave ladies whom we met at Cosmopolitan Philippines' I Saw The Sign speed dating event last March 18 can totally relate to your situation. Below are their not-so-pleasant first date stories, along with some tips on how to deal moving forward:

1. That awkward silence
“I was trying to connect but we couldn't shake off the awkwardness in the conversation. Kung paano kami mag-talk, so kunyari we ask a question, we answer, then there’s dead silence. Parang hindi natural ang feeling.” - Maegan, 24, HR professional

How to deal
Awkward silences are likely to happen on the first date, and that's okay! Chances are, he’s just as nervous as you. Instead of dwelling on the awkwardness, try not to overthink or make snap judgments about your date. For starters, try playfully calling out the awkwardness—embrace it and laugh it off. Act how you normally would around friends. Being radically authentic can help you and your date feel more comfortable. 

2. No pressure, please! 
“I find it awkward when someone is too forward because it’s the first time you’re meeting them. You don’t want to give your whole to them or expect the same from them as well. So yeah, just enjoy and don’t take everything too seriously.” - Paulina, 28, marketing analyst

How to deal
The best way to get to know your date is to just have fun, so prioritize that! Try not to condition your mind to find “the one” from the get-go, and instead think of it as a casual meet-and-greet. This is merely a first date, not the beginning of your future (even though it can be!). Get out of your head, relax, and be present. 

3. Did I just say that?!
Meagan has one other memorable first date story she would like to forget ASAP: “Ang pinaka-memorable for me was his name, Sly. Sylvester kasi yung name niya. So bigla akong nag-joke ng, ‘Uy, Sly! You can sly-de into my DMs.’ Grabe, nakakahiya!”

How to deal
So you said something that's cringe-worthy. Just shake it off! Most times, it's better when you don’t take yourself too seriously on the first date. Just have fun and laugh it off. As silly as it sounds, these random and unexpected things can create a shared moment between a couple (if you let it).

4. Oh no, you didn’t! 
“I hate it when a guy says or initiates something that's too forward and aggressive on the first date. Like, oh, my gosh, why? Why would you say that to me? It gets so awkward afterward.” - Yanni, 19, part-time model

How to deal
As much as you want things to go smoothly throughout the night, there's really no such thing as a perfect date. So, be clear about the boundaries you want to set—don't force yourself to say or do anything back if you're not ready. If anything bothers you, tell your date (by the way, this goes both ways!). If they respond positively, take it as a good sign.

That said, once you're ready to take the next step, it helps to have the essentials that will make you feel protected and secure (this is where Durex comes into play!) during your date.

Hear us out: When meeting new people or being intimate with someone in the new normal, a fun yet safe and comfortable experience should be your utmost priority. You're more likely to enjoy a date when you establish healthy and responsible dating etiquette!

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