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4 Signs You’ve Found A Keeper

A.k.a. how to know if you've found THE ONE.
November 16, 2016
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You’ve dated douchebags, players, party animals, narcissists, and just about every kind of guy in the book. But this current guy you’re seeing seems different. Attentive, honest, dependable—you’re almost tempted to think he’s “The One.”

But is this just wishful thinking or have really stumbled upon the love of your life? Lucky for you, we’ve assembled a four-point checklist to determine if your man is indeed a keeper or not.

1. You feel like yourself around him. 

You never feel the need to be someone else when you’re with him. You can crack corny jokes, be clumsy, let out a burp, and grab the last slice of pizza without ever feeling like you’re being judged. You can be as emotionally naked with him and all you ever feel is safe and loved. Simply put, he is the type of guy who thinks you’re the sexiest and most beautiful when you let your hair down.

2. He still gives you #feels.

You’ve been dating for a year, but you still feel butterflies every time you see him; it’s almost as if Chris Hemsworth shows up at your door every date night. His gentlemanly ways aren’t just for show either—this far into your relationship, he still holds the door for you and offers you his jacket when it’s drizzling. 

3. He can handle himself. 

Does your guy pay his bills on time, go to the gym regularly, know how to cook, has a tidy place, and wears clean underwear seven days of the week? Then he’s got “Keeper” written all over him! In a world full of hot messes, finding a man who has his life together—or tries very hard to—is both refreshing and inspiring. In fact, he’s kind of you’re role model for this whole adulthood thing.

4. He prioritizes your happiness. 

A healthy relationship is about mutual giving, and this applies to your intimate moments too. After all, you two need to enjoy doing it to be satisfied with the relationship.

If your man doesn't treat foreplay as if it's the plague, makes sure that you are comfortable, and isn’t afraid to try something new to heighten your pleasure, then you know you've found The One.

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