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5 Things Every Guy Thinks About Before A First Date

Yup, guys get nervous, too.
August 01, 2017
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First dates can be a bit scary, especially when you’re meeting someone after swiping right on him just a few days ago. But believe it or not, guys are just as worried—if not more worried—than you are. And while you’re busy thinking about how you'll be styling your hair or what time you should leave the office, here are some thoughts men usually have before meeting you for the first time.

“Is she high maintenance?”
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having high standards: That just means you know what you want and deserve, and there’s no way you’re settling for anything less. However, there’s a fine line between being rightfully assertive and being downright unreasonable.  No one wants to be with a person who always wants to be the center of attention, demands too much from everyone around her, and steps on other people along the way.

“Will it be fine for her to split the bill?”
The age-old question of "Who should pick up the check?" is usually a minefield for the modern man. If he pays for the bill straight ahead, it might be seen as a ploy for control. On the other hand, if the guy does ask the girl to split the check, he thinks he might be sabotaging his chances of getting a second date. Let’s help our men out, girls. Even before you arrive, offer to split the check as a sign of courtesy, and graciously thank him if he insists on footing the bill.

“Will she get my jokes?”
A lot of guys seek girls who can easily ride with their jokes, or someone who has the same humor as they do. In fact, a study has revealed that while women prefer men who make them laugh, men tend to go after women who laugh at their jokes. So even if he's super corny, don’t shoot down his attempts to make you laugh! It won’t hurt to chuckle a little when he tries to be funny on your first date.

“Will she arrive on time?"
For a lot of guys, being prompt on a first date is a big deal. Showing up early despite the crazy traffic means you respect others and value their time. Being late, however, can indicate that you might not be as interested in him as he is in you. Patience is a virtue when it comes to love, but no one wants to awkwardly sit alone in a resto for 30 minutes in anticipation of someone whom you’re not even sure is worth the wait.

“Will her smile look as great in person as it does in her profile picture?”
You read that right, girl: Your set of pearly whites matter so much to guys, you’d be surprised at the lengths they’d go to see you smile on your first date. In fact, some men think it’s a major turn-off when girls don’t prioritize their oral health.

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