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5 Things That Girls In Relationships Can't Be Tamad About

Girlfriend duties can be really stressful, to be honest!
February 14, 2017
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Sure, it's nice to be spoiled by bae, especially when the stress gets too unbearable. But us girls still have to play our part in keeping the relationship ~*alive*~ no matter how toxic life can be. Here, we listed down the things you can't be lazy about and dished some tips on how to keep your relationship rock solid, starting from the way you look.  

1. Making An Effort With The One He Loves: You

Show up looking gorgeous, anyway! NEVER be tamad about the way you look when you're meeting your boyfriend, and never neglect yourself—no matter how busy or stressed you are. You have to understand that stress eats away nutrients, making you look haggard. Make sure you always look your best with a multivitamin that helps fight the effects of stress—like Multivitamins + Iron (Stresstabs)—together with enough rest, proper diet, and exercise. Make taking care of yourself your best-kept secret. He might just fall in love with you even more!

2. Reassuring Him When He Doubts Himself

You should always be there when your man needs you—through the good and the bad. Send him a good luck text before his big presentation, celebrate his victories with him, and lend him an ear whenever things don't go his way. These little things mean so much more to him than you think. 

3. Making Compromises

Being in a relationship means it's no longer just about you, your wants, and your needs. There's another person whose interests and feelings you have to consider. So before making a big decision, make sure you ask for your man's opinion first and compromise when you need to.

4. Preparing Little Surprises

Men shouldn't be the only ones expected to exert effort in a relationship. The truth is, they secretly want to be spoiled, too! So surprise him once in a while! Prepare a romantic dinner for him at home or visit him in the office for an impromptu lunch out.

5. Spending Time With His Loved Ones

Aside from making your man feel loved, make sure you also exert effort to win over his family and friends. Visit his parents once in a while, and spend time with his bros, too. Trust us, girl. Ganda points 'yan!


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