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6 Strangers Who Took Their Matches To The Next Level

Anything can happen in a day, but what can happen in 60 or even 90 days?
November 20, 2019
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Who doesn’t love a good story about how two people can meet online and form bonds as legit as any other, be it romantic, platonic, or even entrepreneurial? CGs who love nothing better than narratives like this will definitely enjoy Bumble’s new mini-series aptly titled Bumble IRL.

The social app gathered people and followed real-life stories of their connections. Through memorabilia, interviews, and convo screenshots, the series shows the lives of six once-strangers to see how far and deep connections can go from a mere swipe on the app. Read these stories to help nudge you in the right direction in case you’re wondering if you should take the plunge yourself to find your potential partner, be it in love, friendship, or business.

Opposites Attract: Maine and Kevin

We all know the old adage “opposites attract,” and such was the case for Maine and Kevin, at least at first glance. Maine, a Creative Director, is progressive, outspoken. She got on Bumble to look for insights about men for work. Kevin, on the other hand, is a doctor. Living much of his life in a constant state of community rotations and 30+ hour shifts, he went on Bumble as soon as time allowed him to.

“Her profile read ‘Creative Director,’ and for someone like me in the medical field, that was really interesting,” Kevin says of his first impression of Maine based on her profile. Meanwhile, Maine went with her gut feeling. “I had a weird moment when I saw Kevin’s profile. I think the exact words were: ‘I’m going to marry this guy.’ So I just went with it, swiped, and hoped for a match.”

About their first date, Kevin shares, “I talked to her about how I was going to make mental health my life’s work. Sometime during that night, I knew I had met someone who, at the very least, was going to be a fun friend for years to come.” Maine shared the sentiments, “I knew I wasn’t just talking to any regular guy. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Bumble serves some quality men.”

While they share a love for Airbnbs, road trips, and ‘The Sims,’ Maine and Kevin also exchange personal favorites. “I love Frank Sinatra—perfect music for working. Jazz and big bands really calm me down,” Maine says. Kevin quips, “I love Maine, so I actually bought a Frank Sinatra tape.”

Yoga Buddies: Fel and RX

Fel is a young and eager office manager at a design studio. She’s adventurous, in a committed long-term relationship, and thrives in social situations. RX, who recently moved to the area, made the first move and messaged Fel asking about recommendations for a yoga spot. Fel being Fel, she extended an invite.

Both girls were intrigued by the other’s profile photos. “I swiped on Fel and hoped for a match because she looked really fashionable in her photos and she seemed to travel a lot. I thought we might have a lot in common,” Rex says. On the other hand, Rex says, “I really liked her photo and bio. She seemed chill, although lately, I’ve been seeing her very energetic side!”

While they initially planned to go to a yoga class, the two girls met a little sooner than expected. “I had a styling emergency where I had to buy clothes for a hosting gig. The mall I frequent is near her office so I called her to ask if she wanted to hang,” RX says.

Since then, Fel and RX have shared everything with each other, from their love of fashion and travel, to working out, even video calling each other through the Bumble app. The duo also loves their share of game nights, staying up really late playing Mobile Legends or Jenga.

It’s these hangouts that have laid the foundation for a strong friendship, and allowed both girls to learn things about each other. “RX is stronger and smarter than she looks! But seriously, spending time with her made me realize this girl is a tough one, someone who won’t go down with a fight. New found respect!” Fel says. Meanwhile, RX shares, “Ang laki pala ng paa ni Fel. Feeling ko matatapakan niya ako anytime soon. Joke! Okay for reals, one thing I learned about her is she’s so detail oriented. I feel like I can learn so much from being her friend.”

From Idol to Friend: Kaye and Van

When you’re presented with the opportunity to meet someone you look up to, making the first move should be your priority. That’s exactly how girl bosses Kaye and Van eventually went from strangers to bizz friends.

Kaye is the founder and owner of a footwear brand and third wave cafe Habitual Coffee. Being able to manage two successful businesses on top of caring for a one-year old kid is a feat worth praising. And it just so happened that one of her long-time fans in the industry was also on Bumble Bizz. Van is a barista who’s looking for her place in the scene. Both swiped on each other and found a lot of commonalities—from their zodiac signs to their dedication to their professions, from motherhood to their love of black coffee.

Van shares that the thought of messaging one of her industry idols scared her at first. “Kaye, for me, is like black coffee. I was first intimidated by her, knowing that she is the 2015 3rd World Aeropress Champion and part owner of Habitual Coffee. But I looked up to her a lot that I had to take a chance. Eventually, I realized from the first conversation that she’s very approachable, simple yet amazing!”

“I thought Van was great for approaching me first. I was really looking to know more and connect with people who are as passionate about the coffee industry as I am. Van gave me the impression that she was super shy, but she eventually warmed up to me as we talked about work and motherhood,” Kaye says.

During their first meeting, they discussed their personal and professional goals and what it's like being a working mom over a cup of their favorite black coffee. From their hangouts, the pair have learned important life and business skills from each other.

“Van seemed quiet and reserved but I eventually discovered that she is very proactive and has great initiative when it comes to the industry,” Kaye shares. “I have a tendency to micromanage a little, and Van made me realize that it’s okay to delegate more, allow the team to make decisions, or diskarte on their own, so they can learn from the process, too.”

“Kaye is so dedicated yet humble when it comes to work—from merely dreaming of running her own business to owning a coffee shop. You definitely see it with how she handles her businesses and balances time well with family,” says Van. “I learned to be more passionate about things I want to do, and be more gentle towards other people and to myself, especially when dealing with tough situations.”

Download Bumble now and make your next move the one that changes your life. Bumble is available for download through the App Store or Google Play.

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