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7 Girls Reveal The Most Epic Thing They've Done To Get Closer To Their Crush

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!
March 31, 2017
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We’ve all heard tales of true love, but these brave ladies definitely took it to the next level. Here, seven girls confess the lengths they went to just to get closer to their crush:

1. A for effort!
“I’m not much of a singer, but when I was in college, I auditioned for our university’s choir just because I had a huge crush on the choir master. Needless to say, I didn’t get in, but at least I got to dedicate a song to him!” - Patty, 26

2. Nothing beats a good mystery.
“Blame it on my obsession with crime fiction, but I once thought it was a good idea to make my crush go on a scavenger hunt. I left him a trail of clues to follow and even enlisted the help of some of his friends—which, BTW, I wouldn’t recommend lest you want your identity revealed early in the game. My idea kind of failed, but my crush thought it was sweet, even replicating the whole thing on our first anniversary.” - May, 29

3. Coffee, anyone?
“One of the best things about having a crush on a barista is that they always make time for a bit of chitchat. Then again, they do that for all their customers. One time, to really stand out, I treated all 15 of my co-workers to their drink of choice—just so my favorite barista and I would have something crazy to talk about. Masakit sa bulsa, but I definitely got his attention!” - Kathleen, 30

4. Oh, how the tables have turned!
“I had the perfect strategy: I would try to get close to his barkada, his best friend in particular, and they would invite me to be a part of his inner circle. It worked for a time, until I found myself falling in love with his best friend! It all worked out in the end. To this day, his best friend—my amazing boyfriend of three years—still teases me about it.” - Bea, 25

5. A star is born!
“Okay, don’t laugh, but I once choreographed an entire song and dance number for my crush. It took me the whole summer to perfect my routine—just in time for the new school year, too! I’ll spare you the details of that experience, but it did pave the way for a lot of funny conversations after!”  - Ashley, 22

6. One hell of a ride!
“My crush loves, loves, loves roller coasters. To get closer to him, I decided to ride on one with him. It was simultaneously the best and worst experience ever—the best because we held hands all throughout the ride and the worst because I realized that I was still very much afraid of these rides!” - LJ, 24

7. Honesty is the best policy.
“I’m an NBSB girl, but after four years of juggling term papers, crazy professors, and extracurricular activities, I thought I should at least do something about it. In the middle of my speech as outgoing org president, I told my best friend that I’ve had a crush on him ever since we were introduced during freshman orientation. The whole room erupted into cheers and I don’t think I’d ever been so red in my whole life, but it was totally worth it.” - Jing, 24

Getting closer to your crush takes a lot of courage, so these girls definitely deserve a round of applause. Their stories might just be the push you need to finally do something about your own situation with your crush! To give you the confidence you need, make sure to use Closeup for whiter teeth and fresher breath!

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