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8 Tips For The Girl Who Wants To Make The First Move

Know when to make it hot and when to simply play it cool.
March 13, 2017
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If you keep waiting for someone you like to ask you out, you might end up waiting forever. Unless you have that much time, we say, go make the first move! These tips should help you out:

1. Do your research.
Recon mission. Is he a huge comic book fan? Does he have any particular hobbies? Get to know him, so you can plan your next move. 

2. Start hanging out at the same places.
Is there a coffee shop he likes to frequent? Maybe it's time to get your caffeine fix there. Does he enjoy jogging at UP every Sunday? Wake up early, and put on your running shoes. After a few "coincidental" meetings, playfully ask him if he's been following you. It's a way of showing that a) you have a sense of humor, and b) you've noticed him, too.

3. Be more active on social media.
Start updating your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but be careful not to flood anyone's feed. You want him to notice you, not block you. While you're at it, start liking some—not all—of his posts. Don't forget to leave comments, too; you have a full range of emojis at your disposal.

4. Brush up on your conversational skills.
That said, don't just rely on these online platforms. Sooner or later, you'll need to talk to him in person. Assert yourself whenever you can.

5. Practice your smile.
And not just in front of a mirror! Flash those pearly whites at the kind manong guard at the office or the person who takes your order at your favorite restaurant. The more comfortable you are with smiling, the less awkward it'll turn out when you do see your crush. Feeling a little bold? Lightly graze his arm with your fingers as you smile. 

6. Send out "feelers."
There's more than one way to get closer to the guy you like. You can either get a friend to play wingwoman or send him a playful message yourself. Our favorite move: the coffee slide. Treat him to his favorite drink and write your name, your number, and the words "Call me" on the side of the cup. Now the ball is in his court. 

7. Wait for the perfect opportunity...
Asking him out of the blue takes real courage, but it might also backfire. Our tip: Time it well. If he expresses interest in attending an event—a gig or a book launch—casually say that you and your friends are also thinking of going and that you'll see him there. And if it feels right, invite him to hang out afterward. 

8. ...But don't make such a big deal out of it.
Whatever happens, remember to be cool about it. There's no need to let him know just how much time you spent agonizing over what to wear or say. At the end of the day, making the first move is a decision you made for yourself and yourself alone, and that is reason enough to feel good about yourself.

How will you make the first move? Will you make it hot or play it cool? Either way, make sure you do it with fresh breath, and #GetCloserWithCloseup!

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