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Does Having Friends At Work Keep You From Being Burned Out?

Your work BFF can give you a fresh perspective.
February 01, 2018
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Many of us value our careers more than anything. Even the most dedicated of us, however, isn’t immune to stress and exhaustion. If you've been feeling this way for a while, then it’s very likely that you’re burned out—and yes, this is an actual thing that is backed by research.

According to psychologists, burnout is common in the workplace, and there are usually a variety of reasons. For starters, falling short of expectations can be discouraging, and can, therefore, lead to stress among employees. When the motivation to perform and commit to the job is no longer there, consider it a clear sign.

So how do you get over this phase? Professionals suggest one simple thing: Maintain the energy. Pacing work responsibilities is essential to preventing exhaustion. Even something as quick and simple as a mid-day walk can help give you that much-needed reset.

Social relationships also contribute to the long-term well-being of employees. Friendships at work, in particular, can help keep things light and keep burnout at bay. Work friends can also provide meaningful insights, since they have an insider’s view of the situation. Cultivate strong personal relationships with your work buddies, because they might just save your sanity—and career!

Make it a habit to take a step back with these people. Activities like team lunches can be a good way to bond. After-work drinks with your favorite office people can help you reset, too!

Cosmo Tip: If you’re going out with your work BFFs, make it a point to talk about things other than your jobs. It would help to build deeper connections that go beyond work. Keep the conversation fresh and light and have a meaningful conversation over beers. We love San Miguel Super Dry’s crisp, dry finish, especially when paired with our favorite sizzling appetizer!  

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