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All The ~Heartwarming~ Things We Learned From Auntie Julie’s New Web Series

Little acts of love can go a long way!
February 11, 2021
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ICYMI, our favorite internet tita Auntie Julie has a brand new web series in collaboration with Closeup to celebrate Valentine’s Day! The #LoveBuildsLove series highlights how small acts of love can create a ripple effect, encouraging more and more people to do spread the love—no matter how subtle. Here are just some of the things we learned about showing love to your friends, family, and even strangers from Auntie Julie.

1. Small favors can go a long way.

In the web series, Auntie Julie offers to lend her driver, talk up the parents of their dates, and make restaurant reservations for Cassandra and Roberto. While these may seem like small things, they’re actually ways that Auntie Julie shows her support for Cassandra and Roberto. Auntie Julie offers to make their date nights just a bit easier, and while it takes only a bit of effort on her part, it’s still a big way to show Cassandra and Roberto some love.

2. Be open and accepting of others.

Being supportive of your friends’ interests, preferences, and orientations might be the obvious thing to do, but you’d surprised by the struggles they go through each day that they might not be telling you about. When you voice out your acceptance, you’re showing them that you accept them regardless of your differences. Auntie Julie, for example, told Cassandra and Roberto that she will always be supportive of them no matter what school they choose to go to, what they choose to wear, or who they choose to go on dates with.

3. Let your loved ones know you’re proud of them.

In the web series, Auntie Julie expresses how proud of Cassandra and Roberto she is to her amiga. There’s nothing more special than the bond between parents and their children, so when the ‘rents let you know how proud they are of you, you can show them some love back by expressing your pride for them, too! Do this and you’ll be surprised by much closer you and your parents become.

4. You can spread love to strangers, too.

One of the most fun parts of Auntie Julie’s web series is when she reads out audience-submitted stories about how little acts of love can make a huge difference. It’s refreshing to see her support people she doesn’t even know, and it totally inspires us, too! Commenting supportive messages on photos, sharing people’s stories, or even something as simple as liking a post can go a long way in lifting up another person.

This Valentine’s Day, as Auntie Julie shows, we are #FreeToLove whomever we want. And love doesn’t have to mean grand gestures, too. As we’ve seen in the web series, little acts of love can motivate and encourage people to do the same for others. Through Closeup’s #LoveBuildsLove campaign, we’re able to spread love to others in little ways. If you want to learn a few more ways of how you can do this, check out Auntie Julie’s Laz-Live on February 14, 2021 at 6 p.m. You could even score bundle deals, coupons, and discounts!

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