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How To Flirt When You're Too Mahiyain

Just give it a try!
March 31, 2017
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It might not be your thing, but flirting is fun and can be worth the effort. Play your cards right, and you might even get a boyfriend out of it. It might be hard to grasp if you're naturally shy, so here are a few simple tips to get the flirty ball rolling. For starters, don’t forget to...

1. Smile.

Simply flashing your pearly whites can open up a world of opportunities. Throw in a casual smile when your eyes accidentally (or not-so-accidentally) meet. Keep at it, and if he smiles back each time, you know you've got one foot in the door.

From there hang back a little, enough for him to come over to you. If he still seems to be second-guessing himself...

2. Get closer.

Stroll over to where he’s at. Take a friend with you to help calm your nerves and just chat like normal. Once you’re within his earshot, talk louder and drop some hints—the movie you want to watch this weekend, maybe—and see if anything happens. It’s the perfect way to subtly set things up so he can find an opening to chat you up.

3. Speak up.

Yo know the saying "You miss all the shots you don't take?" Well, being quiet as a mouse is like not taking any shots. Talk to him, but listen to him as well. This give and take is crucial for enjoyable, interesting conversations that can be the foundation of a lasting relationship.

4. Be charming.

It might be that you just need a little push, but don't be afraid to show him you're a fun, fearless Pinay. Being charming is all about the mindset, but of course, you also need to be outwardly confident about yourself. So do what you can: dress cute, keep your hair and makeup tasteful, and definitely keep hygiene at the top of the list.

While playfully flirting, you're defintely going to be doing a lot of talking, so good oral hygiene is a must. Nothing kills the mood more than a blast of garlic breath from your longganisa breakfast, right?! Have a boost of confidence every time you open your mouth by using Closeup, for fresh breath. Remember, you’ve got nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

So, go on. Be bolder. Let your inner confidence shine, and get your flirt on!

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