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Husband Surprises His Wife For Their 25th Anniversary Even After He Passed Away

His daughter received an email from him 10 months after he had passed away.
by Patricia Melliza
February 16, 2023
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At 3 a.m., netizen Aly Mendoza received an email from her dad, Bing, who already passed away. "At first, I was scared to open it," she wrote in her now-viral Facebook post, which was uploaded in June 2020. "I was finishing requirements and I was the only one awake in our whole house." It turned out to be a scheduled email from her dad with detailed instructions on his 25th wedding anniversary surprise for her mom. 

"Apparently, before my dad passed away 10 months ago, he planned everything. He even contacted and paid for a florist to deliver flowers to my mom for the coming years on every special occasion, [including] my mom’s birthday (August 19), Valentine’s Day, and their anniversary (June 10)," she shared. "My dad’s love for my mom IS definitely immeasurable."

He may not be able to celebrate the relationship milestone with his wife, but he made sure that she felt loved on that day. "Alyssa, follow my instructions in this email completely and carefully. I am sending this to you in the off chance that I’m not in my right mind or worse, gone," he wrote. 


Aly posted videos of the touching surprise. Her mom walked into a room filled with balloons while holding a bouquet that her husband had picked out for her. Naturally, she became emotional while going through their old photos together. 


"Even if they’re not physically together, he was still able to surprise and make my mom happy. Not even death could stop my dad from loving my mom and showing her how much she meant to him," she shared. "Of course, my mom cried because she misses the love of her life but I could see how happy [she was] because she knew that everything was planned by my dad." 


Aside from the instructions, the email also contained a love letter that her dad wrote for her mom. "[It] had all the words she needed to hear from him to be okay. He literally thought of everything to make his great love feel all his love." Aww. 

What a heartwarming surprise! 


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