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I Keep Laughing During Sex. Is That Normal?

What does it mean?
by Ysa Singson
January 02, 2021
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Almost every sex scene in any major Hollywood movie has two very attractive, sultry—nearly “perfect”—people in bed making seductive noises until they climax together. And while I’m sure this does happen, we often forget that this isn’t the norm. Some people like to moan, scream, engage in dirty talk, stay quiet, and yes, even laugh.

There’s no “right” way to make sounds during sex, but for some reason, laughter is one of those things that people are wary of while you’re doing the deed. For some, there’s embarrassment or awkwardness attached to this sound and someone can think, “did I do something wrong? Are they laughing at me?”

But laughter is a sign of happiness, enjoyment, and comfort. According to sex coach and sexologist Gigi Engle, “Laughter is a natural human emotion and we do it for many reasons. Sex is fun. We laugh when things are fun. If you’re having a good time during sex and enjoying yourself, you might find yourself laughing because it’s all so carefree and nice. You might also experience something awkward or classically funny.”

When something slightly awkward happens during sex, like someone farting or getting a leg cramp, one way to establish comfort and break the tension is to laugh it off.

Taking it up a notch, Emma Austin wrote about her experience with laughing orgasms: “They normally happen after a lot of steady buildup. That’s what happened the first time I had one, and the most reliable ways to achieve one is through edging or a pussy massage (which is basically the holy grail of sexual buildup).” While there’s no clear answer to why she laughs when she climaxes, one theory is that it’s a side effect of endorphins, oxytocin, and dopamine giving her a really intense high, resulting into uncontrollable behaviors (like laughing).

So the next time you feel like laughing in bed, don’t worry about it. Laughing adds a layer of playfulness to your experience. Sharing a laugh while you’re both naked and vulnerable increases intimacy and allows for open conversation to happen.


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