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Pinays Share The Crazy Ways They Met Their Boyfriends

There's more to life and love than swiping right.
March 16, 2017
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When meeting a new guy, it's not always rainbows and butterflies—sometimes, it happens through steamy online convos and hot nights at the beach. Here are five real stories that can put your favorite rom-com’s meet-cute to shame:

"It was during the first night of my first solo trip—El Nido, 2013. I was hanging out at a bar with a girl from my hostel when I saw this tall, super cute foreigner walking in. I didn’t think much of it, but to my surprise, my friend called him over and invited him over to our table—apparently they met a couple of nights ago. Introductions were made, and once we started talking, our conversation flowed effortlessly. He kissed me that night, on the beach under the full moon. We’ve been together ever since!" – Camille, 27

"We met while cliff diving in Boracay. My friends have already jumped off the cliff, but I was too scared. He was waiting for his turn with barkada and he chatted me up, telling me that he’ll buy me a beer if I jump. I eventually managed to dive, and he made good on his promise. We’ve been together for two years now!" – Athena, 25

"My favorite DJ was spinning at a club in BGC last year, so I really let myself loose on the dance floor. So loose, that I spilled my beer on someone by accident! Good things that someone was a really nice, really hot guy who just laughed off the beer spill and asked for my number. We're still seeing each other!" - Trisha, 27

"We met through an internet forum. We both made comments on the same post, and we struck up a conversation from there. We started talking regularly and we eventually learned that we were both in the Philippines— he was based in Cebu, I was in Manila. We met up in real life when I went to Cebu with my barkada, and the rest is history." – Leslie, 26

"He’s an IT professional moonlighting as a ridesharing driver during weekends, and I was his passenger one Saturday morning. We got around to talking while we were stuck in EDSA traffic, and we really hit it off. We’ve been dating for eight months now." – Sam, 24

"My friend celebrated her birthday at a club in Pasay City two years ago, and while I was dancing, I locked eyes with this cute guy who was with another group. He winked at me, and I smiled back. We flirted like that throughout the night, and he approached me when I was about to leave with my friends. Best party ever!" - Ria, 25

Want your own crazy love story? Give off the right signs, and you might just catch the eye of that hottie you've been scoping out at the club!

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